10 good reasons to love Raymond Domenech

November 19, 2009

Overseeing qualification for the World Cup via a blatant handball is unlikely to do much for the popularity of French coach Raymond Domenech, either at home or abroad (his Wikipedia page is currently saying some very nasty things about him, but it will doubtless be put back to its less offensive version soon).

The 57-year-old former defender, whose name is booed at every match, has never made any effort to make himself popular, but here are 10 reasons (or nearly 10) why football fans may want to reconsider their view:

1. He has never won anything as a coach, a characteristic shared by most soccer fans, which makes him less intimidating than, say, Giovanni Trapattoni.

2. He was a workaholic defender with limited skills in his playing days, with makes a nice change in a country full of retired magicians.

3. He is more successful as a coach than the great Michel Platini, under the guidance of whom France failed to win a single match at Euro 92.

4. He convinced Zinedine Zidane, Lilian Thuram and Claude Makelele to come out of retirement and guide France all the way to the 2006 World Cup final.

5. He made Yoann Gourcuff his playmaker when others doubted he even had a place in the starting line-up.

6. He made sure Loic Remy, Andre-Pierre Gignac and Bafetimbi Gomis became famous outside their regions.

7. He is an incurable romantic, asking his partner to marry him rather than apologising to the fans after France lost a World Cup final largely because of Zidane’s infamous headbutt.

8. He is not obsessed with television, being the only Frenchman not to have watched the replay of Wednesday’s controversial goal.

9. Most people don’t like him, so being a fan of Domenech is more original than liking Nelson Mandela, the Beatles or chocolate ice cream.

10. OK, that’s only nine. Anyone care to nominate a 10th?

PHOTO: France team coach Raymond Domenech (C) celebrates their win against Ireland in their World Cup qualifying playoff return leg match at the Stade de France stadium in Saint Denis near Paris November 18, 2009. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier


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10. You could rhyme his name with Nadia Comaneci in a song (or you could if you were Half Man Half Biscuit).

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

I live in France and from my discussions with the locals the current manager Raymond Domenech is not only not liked but think that he is not good enough to manage the national team. They want Arsene Wenger, who was on the commentary team during the Irish match. Mmmm …?

Posted by jonny on the ball | Report as abusive

I like many football supporters last night watched the match, nothing unusual about that fact. The difference being that I watched the match in France, where I live with the French supporters and I’m English.When this incident happened with “Thierrygate” Henry keeping the ball in play during extra time the mood changed after they celebrated the to the realization that it was handball, to shock! They were happy that France won obviously, but as I discussed with the locals they agreed that this was very bad for the game as he must have known that there are so many cameras in the ground that it would have been picked up later. Would this have been different if it had happened to England instead of France, in the English pub?What is this telling our children. It’s hard enough coaching as it is without this happening. It will happen again until the TV replay system is brought into play. Rugby & cricket to mention two sports use it and football at the moment has a bizarre fact that my mum can watch a replay of the incident with seconds but the referee who makes the decision knows nothing about it.There was a quote saying “Don’t blame Henry”. Don’t make me laugh, who’s fault is it then?Both sets of fans, clubs, teams, players, management want the correct decisions at the end of the day so use the technology.http://jonnyontheball.blogspo t.com/

Posted by jonny on the ball | Report as abusive

10. He and his team have utilised cheating as a way of getting to the world cup! What a guy!!!!

Posted by Ciaran Brady | Report as abusive

People should love Raymond Domenech just because he is 1 of only 2 people in Europe with eyebrows that are of a different colour to his hair. Plus, the French qualifying means the English has someone to despise at the World Cup.

Posted by the_guyman69 | Report as abusive

Patrick – This is Jeff from the France World Cup Blog. I’ve been mostly very patient with Domenech, but last night was the low point for a France team performance in an official match since Doms took over.I’d like to see him walk away. We’ve qualified for the World Cup, but we haven’t enjoyed it at all. We need a fresh face at the helm before we can start enjoying our football again.Here’s a question, and you’re the one who could tell us: What is up with the FFF? Are they cretins, or is there some other explanation for their persistence with Doms.

Posted by jeff | Report as abusive

By the way, for those of you wondering who the other person I was referring to is, it’s the Chancellor of the Exchequor, Alistair Darling. I believe they could be distantly related.

Posted by the_guyman69 | Report as abusive

Fair is Fair, and fifa are not interested in Fair

Posted by Colm | Report as abusive

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Posted by 10 good reasons to love Raymond Domenech – Posted In Ligue 1 | Soccer News Info – Soccer News Info | Report as abusive

I am not to happy with Doms either, but it looks like he will stay with the team until after the World Cup when the tourney ends. The FFF pretty much have said they intend on keeping him. And when that happens, it is usually set in stone.Who will replace him? Hopefully Laurent Blanc.

Posted by Dave Trotter | Report as abusive

[…] See the original post:  Reuters Soccer Blog » Blog Archive » 10 good reasons to love … […]

Posted by Reuters Soccer Blog » Blog Archive » 10 good reasons to love … Match Web | Report as abusive

10. His only fans are in the positions that matter ( read FFF) 😛

Posted by Alan@India | Report as abusive

10. He cant be worse than the guy called Joel Natalino Santana who had a stint with the world cup host South Africa.

Posted by Non French(Zulu guy) | Report as abusive

10: His eyebrows

Posted by kabir | Report as abusive

Two things; he proposed at the end of Euro 2008 and only did it to distract everyone from the fact that his team had failed to progress beyond the group stages.And whilst he may have given Gourchoff a chance, he preferred Barthez to Coupet and Wiltord to Giuly.

Posted by bigjezza | Report as abusive

I don’t like his being in the habit of touching his mounth with his dirty hands…http://news.wincomparator.com/wp-c ontent/uploads/2009/09/raymon-domenech.j pg

Posted by vava | Report as abusive

10. He has never played with St. Etienne and yet he’s cursed. Not so frequent since we, Les Verts©, are the usual poetes maudits of the Futebol Galaxy

Posted by Henri-Pierre | Report as abusive

Wait, I thought Domenech asked his gf to marry him after France went 3 and out in the 2008 Euro…

Posted by kaya | Report as abusive

In France, cheating is a human right.

Posted by brock | Report as abusive

Who would have though the French could be so cowardly.Oh wait ! World War Two.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

I can think of ten reasons to hate him, no wait…a million

Posted by Thierry Hand-Ball | Report as abusive

No, wait, wait, i’ve got the real reason #10.10. cause “Everybody Loves Raymond”.Oops, sorry, ok, write me off

Posted by Henri-Pierre | Report as abusive

Number 10. After 800 hundred years, Domenech has provided the reason for every Irish fan to fully support our “Auld Enemy England” againt France. Stuff them Rooney

Posted by Vincent Kelly | Report as abusive

the center of argument is just handballnot dominech , not henrywe have no proper cause to blame that guys

Posted by w | Report as abusive

Ha! Henri-Pierre, that’s my favourite yet … Everybody Loves Raymond says it all…

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

[…] our (rather unsuccessful) attempts to convince you of Raymond Domenech’s appealing qualities, our thoughts turn to that much-maligned manager from Madrid, Rafa […]

Posted by 10 good reasons to love Rafa Benitez : Soccer News Info | Report as abusive

I have been following the Football/Soccer World Cup Finals since 1966 and I am neither a supporter of the French nor Irish football teams, but I am awestruck that FIFA cannot make a sound decision to maintain the integrity of this beautiful game.It was clear to all that France did not have the talent on Wednesday 18th Nov, 2009 to deserve its place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup (over Republic of Ireland) and had to resort to double handball incidents, after FIFA manipulation of the playoffs by introducing the European Runners Up team seeding (another bias act and rule bending) in the hope of avoiding clashes between FIFA preferred teams from elimination, just indicates the folly of pursuing this policy.In my opinion and I am sure others who wants to see an impartial World Cup, there is no other option but to remove France from the World Cup 2010 and replace with Republic Of Ireland, as clearly the players that mattered were aware of the CHEAT, including the perpetrator, the Captain of the French team. We, as supporters of this beautiful game, were all deprived of a climax befitting this match. (Penalty kicks included).To save the game from perceived bias, the world who watched should demand that FIFA decisionmakers be part of the fairplay rule and remove France from the FIFA 2010 19th edition in South Africa, otherwise one will realize that there is truth in a comment a few years ago by a top player, when he indicated that the finalists and winner were already favored by FIFA, and the game officials are thus aware, and would result in turning away interested, unbiased supporters from this World event.A replay of this game is out of the question, as cheats do not deserve a second chance.Did Ben Johnson, the men’s Olympic 100 m finalist and Olympic record winner, and so many others deserve a 2nd chance?The Question to FIFA to save or deride the World Cup Finals is simple -Cheats Out or It Pays to Cheat.An ardent soccer fan

Posted by Ian Robinson | Report as abusive

Raymond Domenech is a man who seems unpopular, yet gets the job done.


Posted by LucaPersico | Report as abusive