Who can Arsenal actually buy?

August 21, 2011

With Cesc Fabregas gone and Samir Nasri possibly on the move too, there is a lot of gloom around Arsenal at the moment and Saturday’s 2-0 home defeat by Liverpool did nothing to help the mood.

Arsenal fans are for the first time questioning the stewardship of Arsene Wenger and have demanded some top signings to prevent yet another trophyless season.

But who could Arsenal actually bring in? Would a really top player want to go to a club resembling a sinking ship? The Gunners also don’t have the same financial clout as Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and even Liverpool nowadays. (The Italian clubs are worse off though).

Valencia winger Juan Mata seems destined for Chelsea after Arsenal’s initial interest but even he is not the wow signing Arsenal fans want to ease the pain of Fabregas going back to Barca.

But Wenger’s great strength has been buying near unknowns and making them great. Vieira, Henry and of course Fabregas.

There is no value in the market right now and really top players are not available. Trying to develop Jack Wilshere and Co into the new Fabregases looks like Wenger’s only option.

Fans will give him the season to prove he can work miracles again but come this time next year, the rumblings of discontent in north London could be full-blown protests.

Unless Gervinho turns into a wonder signing of course…

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So much has been written and said about Arsenal ad its Manager Arsene Wenger in the last few days. To Wenger, this week especially must rank as one of his worst in his career as a Manager.Two of his best players had just departed and his club was facing imminent exit from the champions league for teh first time at qualifying stage. Add to that the spate of injuries to what remains of his first team and you will understand his predicament.
We have all blamed Wenger for what Arsenal is passing through now pricipally because he has refused to buy big and more importantly because he had stuck to a policy that has failed in mordern football. But the cry over the departure of Captain Fabregas and midfielder Nasiri seemed over blown to me.No doubt the two are great players who will be badly missed in Arsenal but that is as far as that goes. The difference between Arsenal and most clubs is that Arsenal makes players not the other way round. Players who were nobodies come to Arsenal nad become over night stars. And when they leave Arsenal, you hardly will hear about them again. Some examples; Hleb, Flamini, Reyes, Adebayor,Thiery?, etc. I hope Fabregas does not become a bench warmer at Barcelona, that will be bad for global footballer. For Nasiri,I think Barcelona could have been the place for his game.But money speaks and b…….Arsenal will do well with some sensible signing by the Manager. But should Wenger think that because the team qualified for the group stage of champions league, all is now well, then certainly, he has past his prime.

elu alaekwe

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