Manchester City will struggle to offload pricey Tevez

November 28, 2011

It is quite conceivable Carlos Tevez will still be at Manchester City in February.

For all the talk of his City career being over, after the Argentine was accused by manager Roberto Mancini of refusing to come on in a Champions League game in September, no concrete offer has been forthcoming.

AC Milan are interested in cover for Antonio Cassano, out for months after heart surgery, but are keeping a lid on spending and only want a loan deal in the January transfer window.

City only want to sell Tevez and Milan’s proposal does not appeal. But City don’t have many other options if they want to recoup tens of millions of pounds in transfer fees.

Inter Milan could do with another forward and president Massimo Moratti said “we’ll see” when asked about Tevez.

Inter too are reining in costs with Financial Fairplay on the horizon and Moratti doesn’t want to spend big, seemingly ruling out his club in the pursuit of Tevez unless City relent and accept a loan with a view to a permanent move.

Juventus have yet to show their hand but with the side finally riding high in Serie A again after two seasons of woe, it could be dangerous to upset the apple cart in January by recruiting a personality like Tevez. How much Juve have to spend is also in doubt.

Spain seems off limits to Tevez as he would only want to play for Real Madrid and Barcelona and neither of the top two have shown interest. Valencia et al just would not have the funds.

The whole reason why Tevez first piped up about not being happy in Manchester last year was his desire to be closer to his family in Argentina.

In South America, only his former Brazilian team Corinthians showed willing but pulled out of a deal earlier this year. Pundits doubt they have the necessary finance available to take him back.

Bayern Munich like to steer clear of troublesome players so a move there looks highly unlikely and Germany is hardly nearer Argentina than England. (The spurious argument that there are more direct flights to Buenos Aires from Spain and Italy than England was brought out when the issue first arose).

All that leaves another English club or staying at City. The Premier League leaders won’t want to strengthen a rival by even selling Tevez to them and no Premier League team seems to want, or could even afford him.

The option of sacking Tevez seems to have been discounted so a loan to Milan may end up being City’s only offer.


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Just seen this. So Juve out too. l/article-2066971/Juventus-deny-Carlos-T evez.html

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This post looks to be coming quite true, we’re 2 weeks into the window now and a deal looks far off for Tevez!

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