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Soccer Break Tuesday


SOCCER-ITALY/AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi seriously believes he can sign Cristiano Ronaldo in the next transfer window. Where did that one come from? Probably because of his frustration with Zlatan ibrahimovic for being sent off for swearing and banned for three games (see Wayne, the punshment is even worse in Italy).

Of course Berlusconi has no chance of landing Ronaldo but he’s a politician and positive thinking can do the world of good.

Speaking of which, Andy Carroll scored a couple of crackers for Liverpool against woefully inconsistent Manchester City last night. How the man he replaced, Fernando Torres, would love to replicate that for Chelsea at Manchester United tonight in the only Champions League quarter-final still open.

Talking of the Champions League, how Bayern Munich would love to be there next season but it is looking jittery in the Bundesliga. Can interim boss Andries Jonker do the job?

If Torres goes, Liverpool should heed Spanish lessons


SOCCER-SPAIN/If the excited reports on the 24-hour channels are correct, Fernando Torres may soon arrive at Chelsea’s training ground to seal a move that will leave Liverpool in a dangerous situation — under pressure to sign high-profile reinforcements and with wodges of money to spend as the deadline fast approaches.

Kenny Dalglish accepted on Monday that transfers are part of football and the internet chatter suggests many fans have reached the conclusion that Torres may have reached the end of the Anfield road.