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So, Liverpool fans… Are you starting to believe?

December 29, 2008

Liverpool seem to have got through their sticky patch and continued failures from Chelsea and Arsenal have limited the damage.

Will predictable Champions League have new winner?

December 11, 2008

The 16 teams that reached the Champions League first knockout round were again the usual suspects expected to go through. The group stage of Europe’s premier club competition unfolded rather predictably after a few early shocks.

Scowling Scolari needs a rethink

December 1, 2008

Defeat to Arsenal means Luiz Felipe Scolari is facing his first big test as Chelsea manager and there are plenty of people waiting to see how the volatile Brazilian handles it.

Vlog on the pitch – can Arsenal thrive in the Champions League?

November 26, 2008

The William Gallas saga behind them, Arsenal have reached the last 16 of the Champions League after a 1-0 win over Dynamo Kiev.

Wenger makes a statement with Fabregas appointment

November 25, 2008

Arsene Wenger’s appointment of Cesc Fabregas as captain is more than just a strategic move, designed to ward off Barcelona attempts to recover the one that got away. The decision also says something significant about the way Wenger sees Arsenal Football Club. 

Don’t blame Gallas — he was trying to do a captain’s job

November 24, 2008

“There’s a lot of cover-ups sometimes and players need to stand up and be counted. I’m not sure that happens a lot at this club.” — Roy Keane, May 7, 2002.

Should Arsenal give Gallas the boot?

November 22, 2008

For 12 years, Arsenal fans have been used to a manager so loyal it borders on the belligerent, but that quality appears to be lost on the team’s captain, William Gallas.

Arsenal need a tough nut to shield their prized possessions

November 17, 2008

Even manager Arsene Wenger has no clue which version of Arsenal will turn up to matches at the moment.

Friday afternoon question: Should domestic cups be scrapped?

November 14, 2008

Real Madrid were knocked out of the King’s Cup by third-tier Real Union this week and Chelsea lost to second division Burnley in the Carling Cup, but which sides were really celebrating?

The Carling Cup is different, that’s why we love it

November 13, 2008

In September, Mitch Phillips argued here that the League Cup should be shuffled off into retirement. Who could argue for prolonging the life of this tired, unwanted “third competition”? Well, actually, after this week’s action, I would.