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Will God be Brazilian in 2014?


SOCCER-LATAM/“God is Brazilian” is a favourite phrase for Brazilians when fortune smiles on their country.

Former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva famously uttered it after massive new oil reserves were discovered off the coast in 2007.

Often, it is used with a dose of irony after something turns out right even when circumstances suggested it would or should not — such as a game where Brazil find themselves on the back foot for 89 minutes and then sneak a late winner.

The phrase would also fit perfectly if, having dallied and left preparations to the last possible moment, Brazil pulled off a successful and seamless World Cup in 2014.

FIFA cannot afford another ticketing mess in 2014



One of the strangest experiences I ever had in a football stadium was at the Club World championship in Brazil in 2000.

A packed house had turned up at the Maracana for a double bill featuring local side Vasco da Gama against Manchester United, followed by Australia’s South Melbourne, representing Oceania, and Necaxa, the Mexican team representing CONCACAF.

If it’s Thursday, it must be the Amazon


There’s been a lot of talk about whether South Africa will be up to staging the 2010 World Cup but what about the hosts for the following event in Brazil?

A three-man FIFA team is currently in the South American nation, visiting the 17 cities which have put themselves forward as potential venues. The 12 lucky ones will be announced by FIFA on March 20.¬†The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) describes the FIFA trio as an “inspection committee”.