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Danes the winners in FIFA numbers game

October 23, 2011

By Phil O’Connor

The calculation of the FIFA rankings may be a mystery to many soccer fans, but the football associations are well aware of the value of a high ranking.

Solbakken’s Copenhagen may be undone by own strength

April 21, 2011


 It was as if Stale Solbakken’s winning machine had been taken by the moment.

Classy Wilshere looked like a Barcelona No 4 in the making

February 11, 2011

SOCCER-FRIENDLY/Scrunching up the eyes a bit, and using just a touch of imagination, watching Jack Wilshere on the ball for England against Denmark was almost like watching Xavi. It was quite a shock, in fact, to see a player in an England shirt pause, look up and think before picking out a team mate with a precise, considered pass.