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Which soccer players would make good Star Trek characters?


With the new Star Trek film out, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and see which soccer players could play the famous characters.

They’ve changed all the actors anyway and brought in a youthful crop, so why not?

Over at, they’ve already done it with NBA players. Captain Kirk is Tony Parker they reckon.

Reuters resident Trekkies Kevin Fylan and Alison Wildey had a bash at a soccer version but please come up with your own ideas in the comments below.

Six reasons for Argentina’s 6-1 defeat to Bolivia


Argentine media allocate dozens of pages to football daily and the country has two 24-hour cable channels almost exclusively dedicated to the sport. Quite often it’s a struggle to fill all that paper and airtime — so much so that one of the TV channels passes away the afternoon with a programme in which the presenters play foot-tennis.

But on Thursday, there was more than enough to talk about. How did Argentina, supposedly revitalised by Diego Maradona, lose 6-1 away to Bolivia, one of the region’s weakest teams, in a World Cup qualifier?

Will Argentina be better off without Riquelme?


Even before this week’s outburst and his decision to quit Argentina for the second time in three years, Juan Roman Riquelme’s future with the national team had looked uncertain.

Riquelme missed their first two matches under Diego Maradona because of club commitments and, without him in midfield, Argentina shook off the apparent lethargy which had marked their last few displays under Alfio Basile.

Vlog on the Pitch: In search of the best World Cup goal

In which our very own World Cup Wyatt peers at everyone’s favourite 5 kilos of gold and malachite, and asks: “What’s your favourite World Cup goal?”

I’d have thought it would be hard to look past the magical realism of Diego Maradona against England, but Owen is a Dennis Bergkamp fan and England fans clearly have fond memories of Geoff Hurst and Michael Owen.

Let’s take ‘deliberately’ out of the handball law

I have a suggestion on how to clear up inconsistencies with handballs.

Law 12 states that “a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player…handles the ball deliberately”.                                                                  

In reality, we all know this rule isn’t always applied correctly. When the ball strikes a hand or an arm which is well away from the body and all the stadium can see it, the referee will invariably give a foul whether it was deliberate or not (we can also argue whether the player is being naive by having his arms flailing about).

Vlog on the Pitch: Where will it end for Maradona?

Vlog on the Pitch host Owen Wyatt is in Glasgow to see the preparations for Diego Maradona’s first game in charge of Argentina.

Owen’s question today is a simple one: Will Diego’s journey end at Soccer City in Johannesburg with the final of the 2010 World Cup? Or is it destined to end badly…

A taste of what’s to come from Maradona?

It has taken only a week for Diego Maradona’s appointment as coach to turn the Argentina national side into something approaching a cabaret.

A squabble over the choice of Maradona’s assistant escalated into a saga this week which culminated with the country’s plethora of news and sports cable channels splashing the headline “Maradona to quit?” across the screen.

Mascherano is captain, but Messi must play the Maradona role


When Carlos Bilardo began his job as Argentina coach in January 1983, the first thing he did was to visit Maradona in Spain where he was playing for Barcelona.

Bilardo told Maradona he wanted him as Argentina’s captain, that he was the only player sure of his place and that he would build a team around him to win the World Cup.

Argentina ‘in the hands of God’


“We’re in the hands of God,” some Argentine newspapers said after Diego Maradona was appointed coach of Argentina, a move that has just been confirmed.

Much has been made of Maradona’s lack of experience as a coach but, as former Napoli president Corrado Ferlaino pointed out last week, Maradona was a coach on the pitch during the Italian club’s glory years.

Forget Maradona, the real surprise is seeing Bilardo back


Amid all the furore over Diego Maradona’s imminent appointment as Argentina coach, an equally surprising and significant development has been all but overlooked: the return of Carlos Bilardo to the national team set-up at the age of 69, and after an 18-year absence.

Affectionately known as Narigon (Big Nose), Bilardo is one of the most controversial figures in Argentine soccer.