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Lazio soar like their new eagle


SOCCER-ITALY/Lazio, Serie A champions in 2000 but largely also-rans ever since, came up with a not very new idea before the season to try to boost their fortunes this term.

An eagle, the symbol of the Rome club, flies around the Stadio Olimpico before home games for good luck.

So far it’s working, with Lazio top after six games. In fact, apart from England, Europe’s main leagues have a distinctly refreshing look in early October with Valencia ahead in Spain, Mainz producing miracles to win seven out of seven in Germany and Stade Rennes first in France.

Some Italian animal rights activists are unhappy with the use of the eagle but Lazio say the bird is treated well and could point to the fact they borrwed the idea from Benfica, who have had an eagle flying around before important matches for years.