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Is Greg Dyke right? Has the Premier League become a farce?


Greg DykeIt’s been easy to laugh at English football over the past week, what with the comings and goings at Manchester City, West Ham United and Newcastle United and then the national team’s depressingly familiar performance in a 2-0 win over Andorra on Saturday.

I suspect many fans will find food for thought in the comments of Greg Dyke, the former TV executive and board member at Manchester United, and now chairman of division three club Brentford.

“I think what’s happened to Manchester City in the last couple of weeks is farcical. In the end the fans will walk away,” Dyke told BBC London radio, adding:

“Premier League football is increasingly owned by people outside this country, managed by people outside this country and played by people from outside this country.”

Cuba v United States: don’t mention the politics


U.S. players arrive in Cuba

The United States face Cuba in Havana on Saturday; the first time in over 60 years that they have played on the Caribbean island and given the political tensions between the two countries it is a fixture that has caught the imagination of the media — unusually for two countries where soccer is far from the national obsession.

The problem, for reporters, with stories like this is that the politics is the only really interesting aspect to the game but no-one involved will ever say anything remotely spicy on the topic.

If you want to match United, try copying Ferguson


Ferguson smilesWith the top four never changing, it is almost more entertaining following the Premier League when there are no matches taking place. So it proved this week, from the takeover and mega-spending at Manchester City to the Kevin Keegan saga at Newcastle and Alan Curbishley’s exit from West Ham.

Curbishley claimed that his position had been undermined by the men in suits selling players without his approval and that is the underlying sub-plot that links all three acts in this week’s Premier League soap opera.