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Soul of soccer survives in Florida


One of the most appealing aspects of football is that, unlike with most sports, you can find the passion of the game in almost every corner of the world, often hidden away in the most unlikely places.


What separates football from, say Formula One or tennis, is that even at the lower levels of the game you can still get the buzz of being a fan even without the top stars or the fully-serviced facilities.


On Saturday, after a long wait, I got my fix again watching Miami FC.


Before I began reporting on games for Reuters, I had spent most of my life watching lower level football as part of small but committed crowds in my native England and later in Hungary.


Having never been a regular visitor to Old Trafford or Anfield, I never missed the absence of a big crowd, wasn’t put off by the shambles of organisation, the crumbling stadiums in Eastern Europe, the lack of mass media interest or the knowledge that the players I was watching weren’t a patch on those who turn out in the Champions League.