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Which shock late transfers would you like to see?


The end of the transfer window is fast approaching and so far it has been fairly quiet (if we exclude the Manchester City-Kaka saga as it didn’t go through).

The deadline this year is February 2 given January finishes on a weekend so there is a little extra time for some late deals.

What transfers do you expect to see and which wacky moves would amuse you in an ideal world?

After Jermain Defoe and Pascal Chimbonda came back, will Tottenham Hotspur continue buying up their old players and target Liverpool’s hit-and-miss forward Robbie Keane? If they really want to roll back the clock, what about Sergei Rebrov? ;)

Man City miss out on Kaka, but get Bellamy

Well, at least it wasn’t all bad news for Manchester City on Monday,

You win some, you lose some, as the old saying goes and they may have lost out on Kaka, but City did sign Craig Bellamy from West Ham United.

The Welsh firebrand may not have quite the charisma of the Brazilian pin-up, or quite the same talent, or quite the same following — but he certainly brings something to every club he plays for.

Kaka and Man City seems an unnatural fit


In a world suffering from such a serious economic downturn, one that is causing millions of ordinary people financial hardship, there is almost something obscene about the amount of money Manchester City are reportedly hoping to spend on acquiring Kaka from AC Milan.

There are many definitions of obscenity in the dictionary but the one that best describes Manchester City’s pursuit of the Brazilian midfielder is simply “beyond all reason”.

Don’t be fooled by Kaka reports, soccer’s feeling the crunch


The papers are bustling with talk of Milan’s Brazilian playmaker Kaka being at the centre of a £100 million pound transfer to Manchester City, with half a million a week as the incentive. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

As shops, banks and the housing market face the recession, Manchester City, now the richest club in the world after being taken over by the Abu Dhabi United Group, are showing no signs of being crunched.

Losing Kaka would not be a disaster for Milan


Any club would hate to lose a player with Kaka’s mesmerising skills, but if AC Milan do ever decide to cash in on the Brazilian it could be a great opportunity to revamp their squad.

Milan have confirmed that chief executive Adriano Galliani met Manchester City officials to talk about Kaka “out of courtesy”.

Man City’s Roll Call of the Quite Good


There’s a knack to spending large amounts of money, and Manchester City just haven’t got it, have they?

The names mentioned by the media as City’s current transfer targets represent a lack of imagination reminiscent of the post-title winning days at Blackburn Rovers, when Jack Walker’s millions were spent on players like Lars Bohinen, Billy McKinlay and Garry Flitcroft in a futile bid to build a team capable of challenging for the Champions League. 

Mourinho poised for City as geese attack Ronaldo


In quiet weeks there always used to be transfer news to mull over but now with the advent of ‘the window’, we have been deprived of major gossip until January.

Silly season, when the media make the most of the slightest hint of a story to fill pages and airwaves, is traditionally during the lazy summer months yet it is currently in full flow in November.

If you want to match United, try copying Ferguson


Ferguson smilesWith the top four never changing, it is almost more entertaining following the Premier League when there are no matches taking place. So it proved this week, from the takeover and mega-spending at Manchester City to the Kevin Keegan saga at Newcastle and Alan Curbishley’s exit from West Ham.

Curbishley claimed that his position had been undermined by the men in suits selling players without his approval and that is the underlying sub-plot that links all three acts in this week’s Premier League soap opera.

Vlog on the pitch — transfer deadline day

Owen Wyatt is joined by a sober-shirted Jon Bramley to discuss the deadline day transfer deals.

Will Manchester United be unstoppable now they have added Dimitar Berbatov to their line-up? Can Robinho cope with the whole rough and tumble of life in the Premier League? And speaking of which, are Manchester City the new Chelsea?

Another false dawn for City?


Robinho in thumb-sucking celebrationManchester City fans aren’t used to breaking the British transfer record, but that was the headline that turned up after pub closing time once the Robinho deal had been completed. Despite what we might have feared, it wasn’t just the effect of the beer either.

The new owners, Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment, immediately impressed supporters by trying to snub United, which showed intent even if the last-minute bid Dimitar Berbatov did not succeed. Beating Roman Abramovich and Chelsea to Robinho, though, really showed financial muscle.