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Emotional Maradona and the last chance saloon

October 13, 2009

The above picture was the defining image of Argentina’s dramatic 2-1 victory over Peru in the rain on Saturday, and perhaps Diego Maradona’s tenure as national team coach to date.

Martin Palermo heads towards the record books

October 6, 2009

Is Martin Palermo’s amazing winner for Boca Juniors on Sunday, a header from nearly 40 metres that bounced just once on the line of the six-yard box on its way into the net, worthy of an entry into the Guinness Book of records?

Have Peru shot themselves in the foot over Guerrero and co?

March 23, 2009

After watching a Bundesliga game in which all the goals are scored by Peruvians, it is hard to imagine that the South American country’s national team is in such a predicament.

Latin American complexities – Part Four: Ecuador

March 12, 2009

This is the final instalment in our look at the peculiarities of Latin American championships, after an introduction, a tour through Peru, and on to Uruguay and Mexico

Latin American complexities — Part three: Mexico

March 9, 2009

This is the fourth instalment in our look at the wacky world of Latin American championships having started with an introduction and then analysed Peru’s interesting league system and moved on to Uruguay.  

Which is Latin America’s most complex championship? Peru

March 4, 2009

Peru’s new system, introduced after the league increased the number of teams from 12 to 16, is particularly curious.

Defeat will hand San Martin the Peruvian title

December 12, 2008

Has anything like this ever happened in football before?

Deportivo San Martin will win the Peruvian championship on Sunday if they lose their final game of the regular season. But if they win the match, they could have to face Universitario in a two-leg playoff.

So Flamengo, what was all the altitude fuss about?

April 11, 2008

For the last year, Brazilian club Flamengo have led an almost obsessive campaign for a ban on matches at high altitude. Following a match away to Bolivian side Real Potosi at 4,000 metres above sea level in the Libertadores Cup, club president Marcio Braga has gone on the warpath describing high altitude games as “inhumane” and comparing them to a form of doping for the home team.