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Community Blog: Defining passion


ArgentinafansFor four years, seven Argentinean friends saved 200 dollars each every month to attend the worlds finest sporting contest, the Fifa Soccer World Cup.

They arrived in time for the match in Polokwane between Argentina and Greece. With their Argentina jerseys and distinct animal hats, Juan, Ramin, Ale, Carlos, Claudio and Ale turned heads as they entered the Polokwane Fan Park shouting “Argentina! Argentina!”.

“Saving up that much money was not easy, but we were not going to miss this World Cup. It is a first in Africa and a good reason to travel South Africa,” said Juan Manuel. They have not been in the country for long, but already they say they are reaping the fruits of their four-year labour.

“Every penny has been worth it, we are seven friends, but I am sure we will have a lot more friends when we leave here in two weeks time”.SOCCER-WORLD/

Community Blog: Mexicans wave into Polokwane


MexicancultureA group of Mexican fans treated themselves to an extraordinary day in Polokwane.

Fantastico, were the words I could get out of a young Mexican lady who had just enjoyed a long massage, a dance with a cultural group and an exhilarating crash and drive on go-carts.

Nora Hop’s smile made up for the limit in English vocabulary as she tried to explain her first day in Polokwane. “Its wonderful, nice people, first time in South Africa and Polokwane,” she said.

Community Blog: Kindness worth more than gold


MexicanPLKThe debate of inflated prices during the Soccer World Cup is an unending one. And in the end, what is on the price tag is entirely up to the service provider.

According to Ms Nikie Botha, a manager at the Jacaranda Overnight Accommodation in Polokwane, all-round kindness to your guests is more rewarding than ripping them off.

Community Blog: Whatever the cost


PlkfanparkScores of Bafana Bafana fans made their way to the Polokwane Fan Fest area in a public demonstration of utter patriotism.

One among the huge number of that braved the winter afternoon chills is an extraordinary young man. With his face painted in the South African flag colours, clearly done by one zealous street vendor, Morris Raseruti gave off a big smile when I asked him how he felt to be at the Fan Fest area in Polokwane in the middle of such a loud crowd of people witnessing the first game of the first African soccer world cup.