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Community Blog: Keeping out the pigeons


SAFRICA-2010/Feral pigeons, stray crows and roaming rodents have been trying to make a home for themselves at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. But they have been kept at bay…by trained falcons.

“Birds and rodents are controlled inside the stadium by using trained falcons to disturb and hunt them. Birds attempting to roost at night inside the stadium are disturbed, ” so says Port Elizabeth poison-free pioneer and Wildline founder Arnold Slabbert.

Slabbert said the stadium was surrounded by a major concentration of feral pigeons, as the structure was conducive to encouraging pigeons to roost and breed there.

Another problem species, said Slabbert, was the ever increasing urban crow populations which were also controlled inside the stadium. “Crows interfere with the wiring systems on the speakers and create a major mess.”

Community Blog: Street traders get paid

SOCCER-WORLD/Street traders in Port Elizabeth seem to be raking in the benefits of being a host city in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Known as the Friendly City, Port Elizabeth’s street traders said this week they too were enjoying the business boom brought by the tournament.

This comes after Cape Town Street traders were flighted on a TV news channel this week saying they were taking home about R1800 on busy days, selling football paraphernalia.

Community Blog: Laid back PE starts buzzing…


The friendly city of Port Elizabeth has not been left behind in the wave of the 2010 Fifa World Cup euphoria. As one of the host cities, PE, is putting together the last touch ups before the World Cup officially begins on June 11.


In Uptown Culture Centre in the CBD’s Rink Street, artists, craftsmen and painters are working at finishing their “2010 projects” which included beaded wire soccer balls, soccer boots and stadiums.