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Premier League predictions, week one … the reckoning


How did you get on? I expect it was better than most of us… As a look back to Friday lunchtime’s post will attest, our efforts at predicting the score on the opening weekend of the Premier League covered few of us in any glory.

A lot of people overestimated Chelsea and underestimated Arsenal, but the general feeling that Liverpool would come unstuck at Spurs proved well founded.

As a general guide, I’ve given one point for a correct result — except for those who had Chelsea or Man Utd winning by a hatful — and five points for a correct score. There were precious few of those. I’ve totted it all up very roughly, but the score so far looks more or less as follows…

Owen Wyatt, Miles Evans – 10 points (FROM A POSSIBLE 50!!), Patrick Johnston 9, Kevin Fylan 8, Simon Evans 7, Paul Radford 4, Mike Collett and Mitch Phillips 2.

Euro 2008: Our predictions, your predictions


Click on the video above to see just a few of our correspondents here in Austria and Switzerland giving their views on what to expect at Euro 2008.

At the end of the video we give our predictions on who’s going to win and we’d like you to follow suit. Feel free to upload your own video views somewhere (if you send us the link and we like what we see, we’ll showcase it here) or just let us know who you think is going to win in the comments below.