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Premier League predictions: your chance to put us right (Update)


UPDATE: Have added the panel predictions that were emailed to me on Friday night/Saturday before kick-offs. (Mike Collett loses 10 points for shamelessly trying to predict Saturday’s scores on Sunday morning … and getting them all spot on.)

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So come on, be honest, who was expecting Burnley to beat Manchester United in the Premier League on Wednesday?

That shocker on the midweek programme really threw our panel, as did Wigan Athletic’s home defeat… See here for our original predictions.

Read em and weep. I know I did.

So, with one point for the right result and five for the exact score, plus the odd bonus point added pretty much arbitrarily, here are our scores after two (or one-and-a-half) rounds of matches:

Premier League: Our predictions, your predictions — Update


UPDATE: Now with added rollcall of shame! Click here for full details of just how badly our panel did

The new Premier League season is upon us and this year we at the Reuters Soccer Blog have decided to stick our necks out as never before.