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Predicting the score… you make us look good!


Are you a flip-flopper? A U-turner? A volte-facer? Are you the Brett Favre of football fans? If so, you’re in good company, though it’s not doing you much good in our predictions league.

Liverpool lost at Spurs and suddenly there were doubts about the strength of the squad, derision at the decision to sell Xabi Alonso and a general feeling the Reds were in decline. They then beat Stoke 4-0 and it was “madness to write them off“. Last night, they lost again, 3-1 at home to Aston Villa, and Sky Sports News have been asking if their title challenge is over… And it’s still only August 25! Phew!

So it’s been with Manchester United (still blessed with the knack of getting a result from a bad performance, then desperately short of firepower in the post-Ronaldo era, and now happily enjoying the resurgence of a world class striker).

What must it be like to be a fan of Spurs? Or Burnley (with a three-point advantage over Liverpool)? Or Manchester City? Are you secretly convinced that the bubble will burst? Or are Spurs and City fans with Wenger in his view that the era of the Big Four is over?