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Which shock late transfers would you like to see?


The end of the transfer window is fast approaching and so far it has been fairly quiet (if we exclude the Manchester City-Kaka saga as it didn’t go through).

The deadline this year is February 2 given January finishes on a weekend so there is a little extra time for some late deals.

What transfers do you expect to see and which wacky moves would amuse you in an ideal world?

After Jermain Defoe and Pascal Chimbonda came back, will Tottenham Hotspur continue buying up their old players and target Liverpool’s hit-and-miss forward Robbie Keane? If they really want to roll back the clock, what about Sergei Rebrov? ;)

Man City’s Roll Call of the Quite Good


There’s a knack to spending large amounts of money, and Manchester City just haven’t got it, have they?

The names mentioned by the media as City’s current transfer targets represent a lack of imagination reminiscent of the post-title winning days at Blackburn Rovers, when Jack Walker’s millions were spent on players like Lars Bohinen, Billy McKinlay and Garry Flitcroft in a futile bid to build a team capable of challenging for the Champions League. 

Vlog on the Pitch looks through the transfer window

Join Owen Wyatt and Jon Bramley as they take the opening of the transfer window all too literally and pick out a couple of players who should be among the top targets this January.

Owen reckons Juan Arango of Mallorca and Fulham’s Brede Hangeland could be among the bargains to be had, while Jon has his eye on Serie A…

Why does the transfer window always start with…nothing?


After all the newspaper talk leading up to the January transfer window, you might expect it to open with a bang and a flurry of moves.

Instead it always seems to open with a whimper and only a few minor deals going through.

Mourinho poised for City as geese attack Ronaldo


In quiet weeks there always used to be transfer news to mull over but now with the advent of ‘the window’, we have been deprived of major gossip until January.

Silly season, when the media make the most of the slightest hint of a story to fill pages and airwaves, is traditionally during the lazy summer months yet it is currently in full flow in November.

Please Mr Platini, don’t close the transfer window


CassanoMichel Platini makes a perfectly reasonable point about the transfer system when he points out the absurdity of a player scoring against a team one week and for them the next.

It is patently daft that a club can buy a player from one of their rivals halfway through the season and put him to work for them. It distorts the competition in several ways and is clearly unfair.