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Which shock late transfers would you like to see?

January 30, 2009

The end of the transfer window is fast approaching and so far it has been fairly quiet (if we exclude the Manchester City-Kaka saga as it didn’t go through).

Man City’s Roll Call of the Quite Good

January 7, 2009

There’s a knack to spending large amounts of money, and Manchester City just haven’t got it, have they?

Vlog on the Pitch looks through the transfer window

January 5, 2009

Join Owen Wyatt and Jon Bramley as they take the opening of the transfer window all too literally and pick out a couple of players who should be among the top targets this January.

Why does the transfer window always start with…nothing?

January 5, 2009

After all the newspaper talk leading up to the January transfer window, you might expect it to open with a bang and a flurry of moves.

Mourinho poised for City as geese attack Ronaldo

November 12, 2008

In quiet weeks there always used to be transfer news to mull over but now with the advent of ‘the window’, we have been deprived of major gossip until January.

Please Mr Platini, don’t close the transfer window

August 29, 2008

CassanoMichel Platini makes a perfectly reasonable point about the transfer system when he points out the absurdity of a player scoring against a team one week and for them the next.