Coming out of Left Field

February 9, 2009

huskiesWelcome to Left Field, the Reuters Sports Blog.

We think we have plenty to offer you and we know you have a lot to give us in return. So what do we have?

Well, we have sports experts all over the globe who specialise in all the great team sports from soccer to baseball via rugby and basketball and the individual pursuits from golf to tennis via skating and swimming and many more.

We bring unbridled enthusiasm and passion, access to players, teams, officials and stadiums, insights and provocative thoughts.

All these we will share with you using the best media means Reuters can offer and that includes vlogs, video clips, podcasts, slideshows — even some old-fashioned tales delivered in text form. Remember those?

We’ve called it Left Field because we have no plans to dwell on the mundane, the boring and the traditional aspects of sport. Certainly you can expect to find breaking news here, and a platform for your opinions as soon as it’s out there, but this will also be the place to come for comment, analysis, the offbeat, the controversial and the unorthodox.

And that’s where you can help us. Send us your thoughts, opinions, clips, photos, however offbeat and zany. They will have pride of place in our new blog, a Big Brother companion to our already successful Soccer Blog.

We launch Left Field at a time when global elite sport seems threatened on all sides — from international recession, match-fixing and doping.

So could sport be entering a Brave New World in which the seemingly endless flow of money from eager sponsors suddenly dries up, an age in which pampered professional athletes no longer enjoy their 5-star luxury existence and engage on a real personal level with their fans? Will sport clean up its act on match-fixing and drugs and make the sports public believe once more in what they are seeing in the stadiums?

Hmm. That Brave New World looks remarkably like nostalgia for the Golden Age of sports in the immediate post-World-War-Two period.

Nice thought – but it ain’t ever gonna happen, is it?

Paul Radford, Reuters sports editor

PHOTO: A Connecticut Huskies fan sits in the stands as his team plays the Buffalo Bulls during the first half of their NCAA International Bowl football game in Toronto, January 3, 2009. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

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[...] celebrate the launch of the new sports blog we’re reviving a feature from View from the Bird’s Nest and posting a picture of the day [...]

[...] celebrate the launch of the new sports blog we’re reviving a feature from View from the Bird’s Nest and posting a picture of the day [...]