Can Clijsters make a winning return to tennis?

March 26, 2009

Former world number one Kim Clijsters has said she will return to the WTA Tour.

The 25-year-old Belgian, who had retired from the sport two years ago because of injury, told a news conference in Bree she was coming back to tennis.

“I have asked for wildcards for Cincinnati, Toronto and U.S. Open, that’s all for the moment. I want to see if I can still do it,” she said.

Clijsters, U.S. Open champion in 2005, won 34 singles titles and held the top ranking for a total of 19 weeks.

Martina Hingis made a similar comeback but struggled. Can Clijsters succeed where Hingis failed?

Furthermore, why do young tennis players, and sports people in general like Lance Armstrong, announce retirements only to inevitably reverse their decisions at a later date?

Life was bound to feel a bit empty without their beloved sport which had previously occupied almost all of their time.

PHOTO: Kim Clijsters prepares to receive a serve during an exhibition match at the Fortis Championship in Luxembourg September 23, 2007. REUTERS/Charles Caratini


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my bet is she will do better than hingis

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

You think Hingis’ comeback was unsuccessful?! Perhaps she did struggle months after her successful return in 2006, but come on, the girl was on hiatus for such a long time, and to come back four years after and ending the year as World No. 7 is an absolute success.

I personally think Kim would do way better than what Hingis did though. Looking forward to seeing her play competitive tennis again.

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

Kim Clijsters returning to play tennis…who cares?

Posted by T.Highway | Report as abusive

Uhhh… Hingis’ comeback was a tremendous success, considering how long she’d been out of the game and how much the game progressed while she was gone. She won two Tier I titles (Montreal and Tokyo), beat players like Dementieva and Safina and Ivanovic and returned to the Top 10. I guess it didn’t end well with the doping accusation and suspension, but it certainly wasn’t a “failure.”

Clijsters will probably do well if she stays healthy, I remember when she was basically out for a whole season with a wrist injury and returned to win Indian Wells and Miami back-to-back. Plus most of her principal rivals (Henin, Davenport, Sharapova) are gone and their successors have yet to achieve the same level of brilliance.

The real question is… will Henin come back?

Posted by Terrence | Report as abusive

Hingis’ comeback was definitely successful. She won the World Comeback of the Year Award at the 2006 Laureus World Sports Awards.

Clijsters’ return to the game is definitely a great addition to the current state of women’s tennis which is plagued by inconsistency.

I hope Sharapova’s shoulder be totally healed soon so we can have a better competition in the women’s game.

Posted by Ralbert | Report as abusive

The question for Clijsters is whether she’s going to challenge for grand slams. I don’t doubt that she can win low level tournaments, even Tier 1 tournaments, but can she beat Serena Williams in a U.S. open semi-final?

And I agree that the Hingis comeback was by no means a failure. It’s just a shame it was cut short.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

Kim is gonna rock the tennis world again.My best wishes for her.

Posted by Sambath | Report as abusive

Can’t see it myself. Will she really be prepared to put all those hours into training? She might win a couple of tournaments but she’s not going to win the US Open

Posted by Jamesy | Report as abusive

Hingis and Clijsters are my favorites of all time and I absolutley disagree about Hingis, like everyone above wrote. Hingis comeback was amazing, she was 27, she retired for many years, the level of tennis grew a lot, she never had too much power but still managed to beat sharapova, ivanovic, safina, davenport, etc… She a very talented player, and finishing again in the top ten, damn!! How can you call that a failure?? it was a great success.

If Kim is healthey and has the will to “beat” the top players, she will for sure do it. She is a strong player, her movility was unmatched, I mean do you remember those splits on the court? like gymnastics lol. When she retired with and injure and was 134th and cameback to the #1 in less than a year, that cant be done if you are not one of the greatest. And even when she retired she was still better than Ivanovic, Jankovic, safina and many more who are that high in the rankings because there arent actually AMAZING players like justine, serena or Maria. So good luck KIM!!!

Posted by Arturo | Report as abusive