Will Symonds ever play for Australia again?

June 4, 2009

Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds is being sent home from the World Twenty20 tournament in England for disciplinary reasons, Cricket Australia (CA) has said.

CA chief executive James Sutherland told a hastily-arranged news conference in Melbourne broadcast on national television that Symonds had been ordered home for alcohol related issues.

“The decision has been made after Andrew, in the last 24 to 48 hours, has broken a number of team rules,” Sutherland said.

“In isolation those breaches are not significant but in the context of the commitment that Andrew has made to his team mates and Cricket Australia over the last six to 12 months they are the final straw.”

Will he ever play for Australia again? It looks doubtful at this stage given the number of chances he has been given and the talent waiting in the wings.


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I do not think he will play for Australia again. It goes to show that brawn alone is not enough to stay at the top, but a bit of brain is also necessary.

Posted by Nandi | Report as abusive

This is it. He pushed it as far as he can and now, there is no looking back for him. And being fair to all the others waiting in the sidelines, he should not get another chance.

Posted by murali | Report as abusive

He will definitely play for Australia again.

This is his bad time and I am sure he will come out of it.

Cricket Australia should give him one more chance. He is capable of playing very intelligent and class cricket.

Somebody help him..

Posted by Mehul Shah | Report as abusive

He himself has ruined his career.He may play again for Australia.But it depends on the decision of CA.Excellent talent not channelized properly.I think he has not understood his role in the team completely.Very hard to play for Oz again.

Posted by vijay | Report as abusive

Your gift will take a lot further than your character will keep you!
Really hope that he finds help with his character flaws…

Posted by Stuart Agnew | Report as abusive

australia should forgive symonds for the last time, I say this because he has not taken any bribe from any player or from any team, he just drunk and broke the rules.
I request CA to punish him for one series of two may be but don’t put an end to him, he has done much to australian cricket. If you just look at other cricket teams like pak, Sa, etc . they forgive their player and take them.
At least he should be available for Australia till 2011 world cup.

Posted by xavier fernandes | Report as abusive

i am waiting to see symonds back in australia because he is very fine player of cricket and he come back before world cup 2011.

Posted by sultan | Report as abusive