Should NFL give Vick a second chance?

June 6, 2009

vickShould a man, having paid his debt to society for a crime he says he regrets, be forbidden from resuming a career at which he excels; a career for which his crime in no way disqualifies him (in the way that an embezzlement conviction might disqualify an accountant)?

This is the question National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell will have to answer when Michael Vick files his reinstatement papers.

The former star quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons was released on May 20 from the Leavenworth, Kan., prison where he served nearly two years for his role in bankrolling and participating in a dogfighting ring.

Until his sentence is up July 20th, Vick will be under federal surveillance at home while he works a $10-an-hour construction job and pursues reinstatement in the NFL where big bucks are usually a sure bet.

In a country where atonement for transgressions and redemption are popular religious themes, the gifted NFL running and passing quarterback is seeking absolution from one of his harshest critics: the Humane Society of the United States. In a blog posting, Wayne Pacelle, CEO for the Humane Society of the United States, announced that the group would work hand in hand with Vick to help eradicate dogfighting among youths.

“If this is simply a self-interested ploy to rehabilitate his image or return to football, we will find out soon enough, and we will repudiate it. But if Michael Vick is sincere, then we can, we must, use his story to advance our broader mission—saving lives and ending dogfighting,” Pacelle said.

Now that Michael Vick has served his prison sentence and secured the endorsement of the Humane Society, do you think the NFL should re-instate him?


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Posted by me | Report as abusive

No. It really is a shame that this is being discussed. The NFL constantly touts it’s public image through the United way, and other institutions involving children. It promotes
it’s players as role models and they are. but, for whom? Do we not,at least,hold players to the same standards we require of our children. what would be the penalty for gambling in school? Or carrying an illegal firearm (burress)?

All we are showing our youth is that if you’re talented and rich, the law is just a speed bump on the road of life.

Posted by Robby | Report as abusive


Posted by jp | Report as abusive

what it is showing our youth/furture leaders is that we live in a one mistake world. For whatever reason you fall off the pass to how soecity thing is the right way to live, act and perform then you are are doomed to live the life in the shadows of your mistakes. so once a criminal you might as well stay one because that will all you will be known as. btw i am sorry for all the women,men and childeren that were killed in Iraq over a misfire, wrong killzone or just a simple mistake… should we forgive the US military and let them keep fighting wars for us

Posted by hallla | Report as abusive

Yes, your a IDIOT #2 poster.. If your a parent be a parent and explain to your children/kid the facts… If you make a mistake(depends how severe), you have a chance. Yes you must pay a price/debt. But you can get a second chance! The record of your mistake will always follow but…. You don’t have to be considered a criminal. You can be a PRODUCTIVE citizen in this GREAT COUNTRY called, the United States of AMERICA!!!!!!!

How do you hold your kids accountable for mistakes?

Posted by MV #7 | Report as abusive

Watching dogs or any other animals fight is something practiced by males all over the world. We somehow forget, we are talking about dogs. If not domesticated would probably be considered a menace and hunted. And these clowns ruin a mans life for betting on dogs fighting, what a waste. Some priorities need to be re-evealuated. People need to see what comes first, dogs or people. We promote fighting of people and make millions, and you go to jail for fighting dogs. Put some boxing gloves of 2 little boys and its ok, do it with a dog and you go to jail. Something seems wrong in this picture.

Posted by Bill, Ohio | Report as abusive

Roger Goodell still has to address the issue of Michael Vick’s promoting,financing and direct involvement with gambling / betting on dog fights. The time Vick served was for dogfighting and killing dogs, the NFL has a long history of punishing players involved in gambling. Goodell will send the wrong message to fans as well as players if he does not address the gambling that was a part of Vick’s lifestyle

Posted by joejohnson | Report as abusive

I think if vick has done his time then let him move on and the NFL should give him a chance to be the best football player he has been. NFL need to stop acting like he killed a human because muders get away everyday.CEO’s get off all the time with muder

Posted by Ricky Moore | Report as abusive

Of course he should be re-instated! The fact that Vick spent two years in jail under these circumstances is outrageous in my view and is most certainly sufficient punishment. One person above made a great point. We pay (pay per view) enormous sums to watch men beat each other. The revenues are indeed significant. Men have died from the punishment received in the ring while others make money betting on the fights. Vick bet on dogs fighting. Arranged fights and spend two years behind bars.

A friend of mine from the Phillipines told me when he first heard of the public outrage over Vick and dogfighting. “When I was growin up we ate them.” Go figure…

Posted by Shawn | Report as abusive

I believe Michael Vick should play. If he doesn’t we are holding him to a double standard considering there are many felons in the NFL with crimes much worse than Michael Vick. I’ve always considered America a great country with limitless opportunities and chances for redemption. Michael Vick has paid his debt to society. And I agree with the article, why not allow a man who has paid his debt to enter back into a career where he excels?

Posted by Brett | Report as abusive

Yes. He did is time and that should mean he learned that it’s not right to fight dogs, Period! I don’t think he should endorse any products and should only play football. He is reformed and have the right to earn a living.

Posted by Aaron K Davis | Report as abusive

Yes, he does deserve a second chance. He has served his time and been forthright in apologizing for his actions.

Posted by JP Jones | Report as abusive

Yes. Then let some NFL team select him as a back-up quarterback and watch ticket sales fall and the pickets parade in front of the stadium. Let the market judge this cruel man now that he has paid his legal dues.

Posted by Leatherneck | Report as abusive

Absolutely. He served his time, let the guy move on. Do you people think no one that goes to prison should be allowed to ever work again? I think people that say no are just spiteful. Why continue to punish him? Stop hatin’.

Posted by Dale | Report as abusive

Shawn, great points. Many people in this country have been so far removed from the harshness of reality that they have lost touch.

“Of course he should be re-instated! The fact that Vick spent two years in jail under these circumstances is outrageous in my view and is most certainly sufficient punishment. One person above made a great point. We pay (pay per view) enormous sums to watch men beat each other. The revenues are indeed significant. Men have died from the punishment received in the ring while others make money betting on the fights. Vick bet on dogs fighting. Arranged fights and spend two years behind bars.

A friend of mine from the Phillipines told me when he first heard of the public outrage over Vick and dogfighting. “When I was growin up we ate them.” Go figure…
– Posted by Shawn “

Posted by Dale | Report as abusive

Of course!! Everybody deserves a second chance in life.

Posted by Nina | Report as abusive

Yes, if all the political idiotic hacks in our country can get a second chance then why not Michael Vick…..

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Of course he should have a second chance. He lost EVERYTHING over gambling (which everyone does in one form or another) and killing a few poor dogs that could never become house pets anyway. Although I’m terribly saddened about the dogs, Vick payed dearly. Enough all ready.

Posted by lheben | Report as abusive

No. Some things aren’t forgiveable.

Posted by Nick

Posted by nick chilton | Report as abusive


Plus, Bill in Ohio… are you kidding me that boxing is equivalent to fighting dogs to death and torturing dogs for pleasure? I have no words for people like you. Michael Vick killed, tortured and fought dogs that can only do what humans train/tell them to do. He should be put in the ring with one of his dogs with his teeth cut out, for training the dog of course, just like he and his goons did. Holding dogs heads under water to drown them, electrocution with car batteries, rape racks. Just fighting dogs you say. You should be ashamed.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I totally agree with Bill from Ohio. Don’t ruin someone’s life forever because of bets on dog fights while Mike Tyson bites people’s ear off and we allowed him to fight again. We go to war over oil and we never count animals as casualties. Vick is a talented athlete, using him a construction worker is a waste of his talent. He has never been a threat to humans, plus he is not on steroid yet. So please, give the brother a chance.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

no. animal abusers are folks without conscience or good sense. the guy should never be allowed to own animals but should be allowed to pursue his career. he’s been to jail, did his time and his name is forever sullied by his behavior. let him play football.

Posted by karen k | Report as abusive

No. He’s been in legal trouble before, and the dogfighting charge is the big one that’s stuck and landed him in jail. The notion that he’s “done his time” is irrelevant, because we’re talking about a person who obviously has some issues and does not exhibit a history of making good decisions. Putting him back in a position where he will continue to make millions of dollars is going to virtually assure he will get into trouble again.

Then were are we? We just proved that, when you’re talking about large enough sums of money, you can get away with pretty much everything and not have to worry about repercussions.

If any random person would have been arrested for running a dogfighting ring, I’d venture to say that they’d still be in jail right now, and when they were released, the stigma of having been a felon would greatly diminish their prospects of gainful employment. I’m not saying it’s right, but it IS a step in the direction of being fair if Vick’s unable to play professional football again.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

No, he should not be reinstated. He knowingly financed dogfighting for sport, something that is clearly illegal in this country and obscene by most moral standards. Yes it happens in other countries, but we are not other countries.

The fact that he has served his jail sentence is not reason to allow him to return to the spotlight, earn many more millions, and increase his net worth. If allowed to play again, it does send a bad message. Yes, its true parents should be teaching the morals of our children, not the NFL. But the NFL should not be undermining the efforts of parents, which is exactly what a reinstatement to play would do.

If the NFL does reinstate, no team should even bother with him. He had talent, sure, but you can’t expect it to yield results any time soon…especially after this time off. How in the world would he be worth the investment? Besides potential lost ticket sales and bad publicity, teams and the stadiums in which they play run the likely risk of losing very lucrative endorsement deals and advertising.

The same should apply to other convictions in the league as well, whether it be for gun charges, domestic violence, drunk driving, etc.

It seems that a lot of people are forgetting that playing in the NFL and other professional sports leagues is still an honor, not a right. So do you lose that right after one mistake? Yes, if it’s bad enough…and this clearly is one of those cases. I won’t shed tears for someone who has more money than most people will make in a lifetime and still feels the need to behave this way.

There will be another Michael Vick…he has influenced a whole generation of quarterbacks with his mobility and athleticism. The NFL should bid good riddance and wait for the next great player and focus on making sure he realizes his responsibility and opportunity.

Posted by Hank | Report as abusive

Absolutely not. The ongoing problem with professional sports and the rest of the country these days is that there are no real consequences for anything anymore. Yes he served his time. But to truly send a message to the many other testosterone-driven whackjobs in the world, you must make it more painful to do these horrific things to the innocent animals and people as well. These guys think they can do anything they want because the world loves them. Show them they CANNOT brutalize the helpless.
Tom B.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Proportionality people. Keeping a man from his vocation after paying his debt for the crimes of dogfighting/cruelty to animals is extending his punishment that much more. Vick reformed can be an asset to the community in highlighting the circumstances in his crimes, and highlighting even more the rehabilitation and redemption of the new Vick. As an earlier post stated, we pay millions to watch grown thugs beat each other to a pulp, and yet we cannot overlook the dogfighting. Come off your high horse and get real. The team needs him. Let him play !!!

Posted by Roger | Report as abusive

The fact that it is even being discussed tells us that it is most likely a done deal. We are supposed to buy into this Christian redemption BS an say that he has been rehabilitated. But murders can’t be redeemed and must be put to death. I supposed that is the case becasue they aren’t NFL players, right? How much hooey are we going to take, guys?

Posted by dhy | Report as abusive

Although I don’t condone dog fighting, I just had to add my two cents. This shouldn’t even be debated.

America acts retarded sometimes when these “rights” organizations can squeeze and manipulate politics and perspectives. This man’s right to return to the NFL is being questioned for being involved in dog fighting AFTER paying his debt to society when Martha Stewart was even more popular coming off of her prison stint. She had deals and opportunities waiting for her and people glorified her.

On another note, people have the right to kill babies all day long and it is called choice. Even late term abortions. Not one minute of jail time is ever served. It appears to me that an animals life is more valuable than a human life. It’s no wonder that other countries look at us like we’re a bunch of fools. The unfortunate thing is that we are not. The US of A is just run by a bunch of fools.

Posted by Jeremy Newbury | Report as abusive

So if I rationalize the posts that are opposing Vick being reinstated to the NFL, I can assume that he should not be allowed to work period. Let’s be real, you’re not opposed to him making a living, but having the ability to make a sizable income is somewhat ridiculous to you. It sounds like you’re ok with him making $10/hr. on a construction job, but opposed to him making a a decent salary within the NFL.

Let’s face it, it stopped being about the dogfighting a long time ago and started being about the money and how much he was making and will he ever have the ability or potential to make it again. I can’t really say what I’m thinking or what you know you want to say here, but you get my drift.

Posted by Tommie | Report as abusive

Yes. It is a shame that this is being discussed. He should ABSOLUTELY be reinstated. He commited a serious crime and paid a stiff penalty (to the tune of millions in lost wages, endorsements, and legal fees). He did his time, he should be allowed to get on with his life.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

He will hurt the NFL more than he will help.

There are 100s of more players available that can play at the level people want. He wasn’t that good, that a note from the warden saying he has changed, makes it okay.

If he returns, I sure hope we will see SPCA commercials at halftime.

Posted by ArvinL | Report as abusive

show compassion it’s the american creedo, especially if he has atoned for his sins, because everyone deserves a second chance…

Posted by salmonslayer | Report as abusive

Funny, we punished people for dog fighting and we pay millions to go around the world and kill humans we don’t like, and give them medals as heroes. This country is full of wrong priorities. Americans value their dogs more than human beings. We spend billions a year feeding and caring for pets, and yet millions of Americans are homeless and hungry. We spend billions a year taking our pets to animal doctors, and millions of our fellow citizens are without health care.

I do not support dog fighting. I consider and type of organized fighting, between animals or humans as inhumane. I don’t own a pet and will never waste my money on one either. It seems silly to me that more people are clamoring for better dog treatment for animals than there are those who want better treatment for our fellow human beings.
How many times has Wayne Pacelle ever protested for war? How many times has he protested for death sentence in this country? What Michael Vick did disturbs me. What Wayne Pacelle and his group are doing makes me sick.

Posted by Theo | Report as abusive

No! He is an animal. Actually, I shouldn’t insult the animal community by saying that. He is a despicable example of the human species. Maybe they should have given him a taste of an electric cord to the same parts that made his helpless pets so vicious, and I don’t mean his teeth. Perhaps then he would understand what suffering at the hands of another is all about. They might also have covered him in SPAM and let hm try to make his way through a pack of hungry Staffordshire Terriers. Now there is justice.

Posted by Clinton B. | Report as abusive

Absolutely not! Anyone who would treat dogs the way he did has no little or no moral fiber.

The NFL should not take him back!

Posted by Jay Taylor | Report as abusive

As you all know, the NLF players are held as people to be admired by some teenagers. It reinstate Vick would certainly send the wrong message.

Just for the record, I did not agree with allowing Darrel Strawberry to play either.

I believe that the players knew the rules before entering into a contract. Vick broke the rules, he should be banned from sports, just like Pete Rose.

Posted by Berfman | Report as abusive

I would think a person that has no emotions for watching a dog get tore apart by another one, would have no problem moving to the next step which is paying humans to fight and kill eachother. What is the next step? People that do the crime, should have thought what was going to happen to their life after they get cought, because they All get cought in time.. No one that gets put in jail for a crime, can expect to come out and get their job back, look at Madoff.. should he get to go back to his job of ripping off people?

Posted by Gus | Report as abusive

Yes but only if 90% of all his earnings (including endorsements goes to animal welfare

Posted by Fixed | Report as abusive

Let him back in. Let the fans decide. Personally, I wouldn’t support any team that picked this thug up.

What does it say about your team if it gets behind a man who finds animal abuse entertaining? Especially knowing how fighting dogs are trained (think bait animals, rounded up from shelters and neighborhoods), and knowing that many loosing dogs have been found doused in gasoline and set on fire, or beaten to death. It’s sick.

Posted by ak | Report as abusive

He has proven himself to be a sociopath–by definition that’s a danger to civilized society everywhere. Talent doesn’t mitigate admitted heinous behavior. Nor does a mea culpa after being discovered. Knowingly emulating such an individual is unconscionable. There will be other talents; there will be other superstars.

Posted by Tia | Report as abusive

To those of you who say he “…should burn”, Screw you. Seriously. The guy was wrong. There should be NO cruelty toward anyone or anything, I agree but to make the guy crawl after he’s paid his debt is just yet another residual goodie of the surreptitious racism that has been allowed to permeate under the Bush regime. “That N****r’s making too much money” or “who does that n****r think he is?” are some of the things I’ve heard said about complete innocents who just happen to make lot’s of money while being Black in America. I despise Roger Goodall and the people who appointed him. He acts like the overseer of a plantation with his condescension and the public humility his puts some of these guys through. That’s not the way of Rozelle (who had a great relationship with the players) or Tagliabue. Granted, there are some players who are completely out of control (Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, et al) but for the most part, some of these guys are just very large and super athletic young men in their early to mid 20’s (some of whom come from very humble beginnings) who all of a sudden have more money than they know what do to with. They should not be made to crawl and prove their remorse (Though there should be the dignity of the players of past decades). That’s what the jail systems determine BEFORE you are released…
Vick’s served his time. Don’t make him crawl. Although it’s wrong, dog fighting is huge in the Southeast. You haven’t heard of anyone else getting the same punishment as Vick have you? No. You have not. It’s just as I said.
The mentality of some is based on institutionalized racism in America. Nothing more. Nothing less. I reiterate: Screw you Roger Goodall!!!

Posted by jane | Report as abusive

Yes and no. He should be able to be re-instated but should not be re-instated. It’s too soon and from a purely PR point of view, he’s damaged goods. Too thuggish and a bad image for the NFL. I think they take him back there will be a whole lot of people who turn off the NFL. A whole lot of others won’t care but the PR will outweigh what he is bringing to the table. The question we should really ask ourselves is in addition to this is wether or not the NFL cares about what he did as right or wrong or if it’s really just about the money. When we get the answer maybe we’ll reconsider putting so much stock in it as an organization and rethink letting our kids watch it. Bring back the XFL? Probably not but the NFL is a money making monopoly that cares only for the money and marketing in my book. Personally, if i were Lord of the NFL, I’d tell him to take a hike, pardon the pun, and stay away from my organization.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Let’s face it, some people have a predisposition for drugs, alcohol, a trigger temper, a mood disorder or criminality. In the case of professional athletes, these flaws are often aggravated by fame or the end of a career with no second act to occupy the mind and condemned to live in the shadow of their glorious past.

I think Vick has a bright future ahead of him. He hasn’t killed anyone, he’s served his sentence, he’s lost millions of dollars, his reputation is in tatters. If the Humane Society is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, the NFL shouldn’t deny him the chance to stage a comeback and put his immense talent on display. If the NFL denies his reinstatement bid, he might end up in the Canadian Football League or on a reality TV show such as Pros and Joes!

Posted by Lionel Perron | Report as abusive

Why shouldn’t he. Kobe Bryant not to long ago was facing charges of rape. The NBA is doing everything in their power to restore him as the face of the league. No one is saying anything about those charges and how he paid to make them go away. Should Vick have paid money to make his charges go away? Is one a lesser crime than the other? Not in my book.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Fur coats, alligator shoes, using animals to test new drugs but thats all OK. He committed the crime and did the time. Now let him get back to making a living for himself. We have all made mistakes. Let the man move on!!!

Posted by Brigitte | Report as abusive

He should be allowed to be reinstated.
He committed a crime, was caught, arrested, sentenced and served his time in a federal prison and the remainder under house arrest (granted it’s a pretty awesome house).
I hate knowing that I live in a society that would NEVER give me a second chance AFTER I’ve done my time because of a dog; and I love my dog. His name is Proton.
Maybe Vick is truly sorry or maybe he’s sorry he got caught. Who cares? OUR judicial system said in order to make this right Mr. Vick YOU MUST DO THIS! And he did it. So why is it still not right with some of you?

Posted by TexasJFP | Report as abusive

Depends on what message society wants to keep sending to young people and society at large. Use steroids but don’t get caught? Indulge every hedonistic activity you can think of with the millions you make playing sports? Professional athletes can get away with anything because they make so much money?

Our culture, via main stream media promotion, elevates a moron that throws footballs and runs fast to positions of privilege in our society, earning multiple times more annually than a PHD research scientist searching for a cure for cancer that might eventually save you or a loved one’s life.

NO! Do Not reinstate. If for no other reason than to send a clear message to our young people, this man should find another line of work. I’m sure he studied hard in school and is equipped for another profession.

Posted by John G | Report as abusive

It’s difficult to see how Vick could assume the leadership of a team or who would follow him on the field. But then again, maybe not.

Some crimes are bigger than any punishment. I don’t see the public saying convicted pedophiles should be allowed to get on with their lives. And, sorry, but the unrelenting torture of animals for profit doesn’t seem too far removed from the sexual abuse of children. Both are totally helpless beings who are treated in a way that forever damages if not destroys their lives.

Posted by kim | Report as abusive

It is almost funny how fellow posters are correlating Vick’s situation to the war or abortion or????

Mark my words….Vick will be reinstated, he will be picked up by a team. No one other then the NFL and the team Vick plays for have control over the outcome. We don’t have a say and quite honestly the NFL could care less what we think.

However, his success will probably never be what is was before and this is what we the fans do have control over. If you don’t care for Vick then don’t watch the team he plays for. Don’t buy his jersey, don’t buy any product he endorses (although I doubt he will have much sponsorship opportunities).

Personally I think he is a terrible person. His success will be impacted by me in my own little way as I won’t watch his team and I won’t buy his jersey and I won’t buy any product he endorses. That’s the little power I have.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

If Vick gets a second chance then every felon in the US should get a second chance. I have a family member who also made a stupid mistake and now can’t get a job in Walmart. I’m talking about a very high educated individual who could actually make a difference in socicety. As great as this Country is, we far to often make exceptions for those individuals who are only in the spotlight.

Posted by Barry | Report as abusive

Heck no. Anyone who would engage in this kind of activity should never be allowed to see the light of day. You can judge a society by how it treats its animals.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Lionel, You say he didn’t kill anyone! Well he did, he killed lots of dogs. And before you say it’s just a dog, think about what dogs do for humans. We have dogs that serve the police, sniff out drugs, rescue people from water, snow, and bombed buildings and other natural disasters. We have dogs that search for the dead who are missing. Dogs that serve the blind, dogs that can assist people who are disabled, ones that can call 911 for those that are having a seizure. We have therapy dogs and btw one of Vicks dogs is now a therapy dog and visits sick children in the hospital and visits people who are in nursing homes. We have dogs that sniff out bombs and can detect cancer. But most of all we have millions of dogs that provide millions and millions of people with love, compassion and companionship. Tell a little boy that spent the night in the woods after getting lost that his dog that spent the night by his side is just a worthless dog and deserves no respect. Let’s not forget about all the dogs that unwillingly had to sacrifice their lives so humans could experiment on these dogs to better help humans in the medical field. Think again Lionel! Vick apologized to everyone when her got caught yet he never apologized to the dogs. IMO he needs to do a lot more soul searching when it comes down to what he did. I think the only reason why he is working with the HSUS is cause it will help his career and not cause he is truly remorseful.

Posted by Norskejente | Report as abusive

One point no-one has mentioned…. I believe National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell should tell Michael Vick he will consider it next year, AFTER he sees how sincere Vick’s commitment to promoting anti-violence really is.

Goodell has no requirement to decide this year, instead, he should wait to let Vick demonstrate how serious he really is about setting his life back in order.

Posted by Anti-Vick | Report as abusive

Heck no. Vick is a thug, and should be in jail forever. I will never watch pro football again if he is allowed to play. Is this what we want our children to be? Is this the NFL?

Posted by Darren | Report as abusive


Posted by Bill H | Report as abusive

Michael Vick was torturing animals as part of a dog fighting ring. He pled guilty.

His career in the public sphere should be over.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I suggest the NFL give him the same chance that was given to the tortured dogs he killed for fun.


Posted by Duncan Jones | Report as abusive

Why then don’t we give Bernie Madoff a second chance at managing other people’s money? Why don’t we give Dennis Kozlowski (convicted felon – fmr CEO of Tyco) and Jeff Skilling (convicted felon – fmr CEO of Enron) a second chance to manage an S&P500 public company? These guys never tortured a dog, or participated in illegal betting, or (god forbid!) had anything to do with steroids or any banned substance. All they did was fudging a few numbers and cooking a few books…

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

I think Michael Vick should be reinstated. Though so often in this country people are still punished after “serving their debt to society”
There are murderers and spouse abusers in pro football still playing it would seem wrong not to allow this man to play again

Posted by dixie | Report as abusive

What about Pete Rose will you let him into the hall of fame???? Vick shouldn’t get a chance to return to the prominace that he took advantage of… If he loves the game so much let him play, his pay will be $10.00 per hour. let him be a regular middle class working guy. he already had a shot at superstardom and that didn’t work for him. Let him show the world his love of the game not what the salary can bring…

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

“let those without sin cast the first stone”

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

He made a mistake. He was sentenced and served his time. Period. What other crimes have a “follow-up” sentence that says you cannot return to your line of work ? I don’t approve of what he did… but there are alot of people that eat meat, wear fur coats and sit on leather sofas that ought to be alot less quick to judge. Hunters might want to rethink this issue as well. (and I eat meat and hunt for the record) What right do we have to hold him back after he has served his time. ? I think the league has made a scape goat out of him. I hope to see him playing immediately and also hope he learned from this and becomes a model citizen… I say “welcome back”.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Vick should be allowed to resume his chosen profession. The crime for which he was convicted and sentanced has no reflection on his ability to play this game. The difference between Vick and the Madoff’s of the world is that they used their positions to commit their crimes.
I agree that if you disapprove of his readmission then don’t support the league.

Posted by Eron | Report as abusive

Hi Norskejente,

You’re right, dogs are precious animals and Vick has done terrible things. His actions cannot be understated. I’m sure you passionately disagrees with the HSUS CEO’s decision to work with Vick and you’re not alone, even HSUS members appear to have their own reservations.

In a blog posting Dr. Randall Lockwood, vice president of training and initiatives for the Humane Society of the United States, says “researchers as well as FBI and other law enforcement agencies nationwide have linked animal cruelty to domestic violence, child abuse, serial killings and to the recent rash of killings by school age children”. I think we can all draw our own conclusions from Dr Lockwood’s comment.

Having said that, how much more punishment does Vick deserve? Whether he plays professional football again or not he’ll forever be associated with dogfighting, that’s a lifetime curse. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, animal rights activists will hound him.

Posted by Lionel Perron | Report as abusive

Why not? He’s a good player and he’s needed sorely and desperately by some weak teams, like the 49ers, Rams, and Lions, amongst others. There are players who’ve done some nasty things off-field that are worthy of discipline but they continue playing. Besides, since when is the NFL so Boy Scouty with the players?

Posted by AlbertSAC | Report as abusive

As an animal lover this man disgusts me. However, he has paid for his crimes as mandated by law. Let him play. I just hope he is sincere in his commitment to work with the Humane Society. It would also be nice to see him share a (large) portion of his salary with the Humane Society and other groups that benefit animals.

Posted by Colleen | Report as abusive

Let the man play. He served his time for his crime. The past is the past. There are a number of teams that could use his skills–if he still has them.

Posted by Larry Joe | Report as abusive

I still can’t believe he did time at Leavenworth for dog fighting. Leavenworth is for murderers and rapists. Give the man his job back.

Posted by Cammie Burgess | Report as abusive


Posted by dawson bailey | Report as abusive

Let him play, in my opinion, incarceration was too much punishment. – By the way, people eat dogs in other parts of the world.

Posted by Brandon | Report as abusive

M.Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL again, he crime wasn’t against humanity like some other athletes who engage in domestic violence, drunk-driving, murder, drug smuggling, and fighting with people. Michael Vick was used as a escape goat and a poster boy by the FEDS, It is sad that some child molesters get less jail time than M.Vick. The Media has deviated their attention to the wrong story by way of jumping all over him when this athlete have never been in trouble with the LAW before (no Criminal record) until fighting dogs. What Kobe Bryant (The Athlete) did was more disgusting than Michael Vick, plain and simply said and let us not forget about MARV Albert (A Felon) He has a job. ?Please Clean the speck of your eyes before judging the man.

Posted by Ron Gee | Report as abusive

Let him play!!!!! Kobe is!!!!!!!!!!
KOBE!!! KOBE!!!! KOBE!!!

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I think Vick should return to the N.F.L, the American public has a lot more to worry about then Mr. Vick ex. the current economic crisis, EDUCATION!!! And what the government is NOT!!!! Doing to help it, and the fact that their are to many JOBS overseas and NONE here for the American People!. Let the man play some damn football!!

Posted by omar wilson | Report as abusive

Michael Vick served time in prison, but I don’t think it made him sorry for what he did. He’s probably sorry he got caught, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more bad things out of this guy.

People who are cruel to animals are cruel to people. I don’t think he deserves to get his multi-million dollar job back as a sports icon. He’s no role model.

Posted by Rigel | Report as abusive

Absolutely, he did his time. In fact, it’s not stretch to say he did way, way, way, way, way more time that fit his crime, which isn’t even illegal in all States.

Posted by Sarah Palin | Report as abusive

He has paid for his crime. Football is un-related to the crime, and he should be allowed to play again. I am a dog-lover, and I detest the activities he pursued, but we all are humans, and learning and moving forward is a part of humanity. Let the man play.

Posted by AG | Report as abusive

I find it incredible that we are still being invited to speak on this matter. It is a dead dog (pun intended). Is it not interesting that we as a society seem to be more disgusted by this crime against an animal than a crime against humans? How many athletes have been so pursued and so vilified for alleged rapes (Kobe), killings (Jason Williams)etc?

While the Falcons may not want him back, he should be allowed to pursue whatever other legal forms of employment he so desires. Please lets leave this man alone!

Posted by ravenmortal | Report as abusive

My opinion, for what it is worth is that he should be allowed to play. He did serve his time. Not only that, but if the NFL wants to set standards then they should be consistent.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I think he can do more good for animal rights as an NFL player, and using that platform to promote awareness of animal cruelty.

He did a terrible thing, and he paid for it. He should be allowed to return to football.

Oh, and Cammie, since you “…can’t believe he did time at Leavenworth for dog fighting. Leavenworth is for murderers…” let me explain. He’s a killer of innocent animals – he’s not a hunter, or a rancher. He killed dogs for nothing more than sick amusement.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive


Gambling is against league policy. He was not just gambling but running a gambling organization, AND guilty of tax evasion by not reorting winnings.

Posted by marc | Report as abusive

Come on, let’s face it. The only reason people are pushing for a second chance for this dog slaughterer is because he’s a football player–or was. Any other person would be ignored and told to take his medicine.
“Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.”
Stop rationalizing his despicable behavior with rationalizations from the Bible or pseudo-psychologists.

Posted by Pete Wann | Report as abusive

He who is without sin cast the first stone. I’ve %$^&%^ up a few times in my life, no felonies, but still. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Just think how much he could do for the prevention of dog fighting. he knows the biz. Inside and out. He also knows how wrong it is and how much it cost him. He went to prison, first day gets your attention . Two years, enough said. The days of the scarlet A stamped on our heads is over. Sentencing a person to life is a bit stiff in this case. I suspect some people really get off on keeping others down. Kinda like the feeling you get at a dog fight.

Posted by Hayna Hank | Report as abusive

No, Vick should not be able to play ball again. The NFL has no obligation to allow him to play, as it is a privilege, not a right to play in the NFL. His crimes were methodical and brutal to say the least.

Posted by William G | Report as abusive

To Rigel…whatever. Dogs kill people all the time. I am a dog lover but will never put a dog before a human. People have done worse…crimes to people. The charge has nothing to do with his job. He is a player because of his talent. He will always be the best.

Posted by Snellville | Report as abusive

He should be reinstated when the time comes. If we can accept hunters in our society, the NFL should be able to accept somebody who has paid his debts.

Posted by Joey | Report as abusive

You know it is a shame that we as a society cannot forgive a person for a wrong and move on. We ask Got to forgive us and yet we don’t forgive but we want it when we want it. A person should not be denied the right to make a living with the profession that he or her has chosen. Vick has paid his debt to society and should be allowed to play

Posted by jojo | Report as abusive

Why don’t well all commit a crime then and cry …. aww it was just a mistake, i won’t do it again. Then beg employers to take us back even tho we are no longer a role model for the young one’s growing up because we send the message…it’s ok to commit a crime because these multi billion dollar sports teams and broadcasting networks is ALL about money and not ethics, morals or clean back grounds or being a role model. VICK will be looked upon as an example that is ok to be violent and kill animals and serve time and get back a lucrative income as a reward.

I am personally sick of these bums in sports getting all kinds of breaks that little guys do not get just for the sake of making some BILLIONAIRE and BILLION dollard networks richer because they want to forgive for the sakes of MONEY ! IT’S DESPICABLE !

Posted by whb | Report as abusive

Definitely let him play. I’ve never have been a big Michael Vick fan…always thought he was overrated as a player anyway but still…he’s paid his debt and has pretty much lost everything. I guarantee you he’s sorry. What he did was completely stupid and wrong, but it’s time to move on and let the man earn a living doing what he’s best at.

Posted by Mike B | Report as abusive

Vick’s slate has been wiped clean and he should be reinstated.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

Vick’s stupidity and cruelty resulted in his forfeiture of his professional career, his public standing, and more riches than most of us can imagine. I daresay few individuals have lost more because of illegal dog fighting.

What Vick did was reprehensible, but the man has paid a dear price for his actions. With that price now paid, let Vick come back to the profession his was so obviously born to.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

With all the crime in this country, soon it will be too
many of these non violent criminals, by this I mean not to hurt or kill their fellow man. We better start to find something to do with these people. I live in a small town and we had some trouble and the man and his wife went to prison for two years, after his release he is forbidden to do what he has done all of his life–sell automobiles
now the city and state is keeping him, no wonder all of these little towns are short money. Lets let them do whatever it is they do to make a living if necessary keep an eye on them

Posted by BILL OLSON | Report as abusive

No NO NO. The guy should spend the rest of his life campaigning for and defending innocents that cannot fight for themselves at the hands of merciless creeps like him. These animals suffered and no animal should suffer at the hands of a human.

Posted by gail | Report as abusive

Vick should be reinstated right after Pete Rose has been absolved and cleared of his wrongdoing.

Posted by aw murley | Report as abusive

Of course the NFL should give Vick another chance. He made a mistake. Are we going to hold that against him forever. Lesson learned the hard way.

Posted by Donna King | Report as abusive

luckily for the human race most intelligent people know that we can’t remove every person that commits a crime from our society forever: it would leave a great deal of ignorant people who are full of their own self righteous BS and soon those people would find fault with their own kind. in the end there would be no human race. not to forget the fact that a number of people who have committed crimes went on to do great things for this planet and its inhabitants.

Posted by et | Report as abusive

Personally, I think the Professional Penal League just lost the best quarterback we ever had. I guess since we can’t keep our coach in prison(OJ), the rest of the players should be set free too. Heck, most of our former players are back in the NFL…et al Ray Lewis…and no less than 1/2 of the entire Raders organization. Thank you owner Al Davis! With Mob-bosses and “reformed” NFL players running that league; we have no hope of retaining a strong following for our Prision League! I don’t see how Goodell could keep him out with all the other trash that is there. Nice work NFL – way to hold the rankings!

Posted by NFP | Report as abusive

He did a crime, he did the time. To deny him being able to play football and make a living using his talents would be no different then denying him doing construction or any other job. Football is a career and something he’s talented in. It would be like denying me even working on computers, which might I add I enjoy doing. Same can be said with people in any other job. Hell, we elected Bush for a second term as president years ago and if he’s allowed to get away with and do everything he did, Michael Vick should be in the NFL and handed the MVP award and given a huge signing bonus.

Posted by J-Dizzle | Report as abusive

You can make a case that’s it’s a privelege, not a right, to work at any job. To keep Vick from trying to secure the most gainful employment possible after paying the legal and personal price is wrong. We should strive for more opportunities for those released from jail About 95% of those in jail will be released – jobs, support for addictions and behavorial issues, and an accepting community are a much better alternative than isolating them and eventually paying $45,000/year to put them back in prison. So Michael happens to have more marketable skills than other ex-cons – let’s root for him to make a positive story rather than keep him down.

Posted by Dennis | Report as abusive

He did the time, paid his debt. Yes, he should have another chance. What? He’s not allowed to be sorry then forgiven and we all move on??????

Posted by bern | Report as abusive


Posted by Steve Kenny | Report as abusive

noone has a right to work at any particular company. if the nfl doesn’t want a dog murder to taint their image they have every right to not rehire him. if they think that it has no big impact on their image, or more importantly money, then they should rehire him. it is a business decision on the nfl’s part, not some stupid morality issue everone is making it into.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

See that man, son? He’d pop a cap in Spot’s a$$. Let’s go get you the jersey.

Posted by Chops | Report as abusive

Vick has special circumstances that separate him from the “normal” person, in regards to him moving past his crime by paying his dues to society: 1. He is a celebrity and cannot hide from any attention that anyone wants to direct at him. While a normal person going through the same situation is not going to attract a fraction of the grief that animal rights advocates will heap upon Vick.
Remember that prisons are CORRECTIONAL institutions and inmates with release dates are expected to rehabilitate their behavior so they can function in society.
Even if Vick gets to play pro football again, he will never get away from his crime, and there will always be someone willing to remind him of that. if he does not play again, the whole mess will fade into obscurity and he won’t have the spectre of his actions/fame shadowing his every move.
Either way he will have to choose a less than perfect option; play and be hounded by the media/animal groups, not play and have to deal with the loss of the fun job, money, and wasted potential and effort of his football career.
Any normal dude convicted of the same crimes would just go back to work, he may have increased difficulty in finding a job but still would not have the same amount of troubles as Vick.

Posted by SUGARAT | Report as abusive

Of course he should be allowed to return…you’d think he killed a person from the reaction. It was only dogs, folks. Most of you have probably run over and killed more dogs than Vick killed.

Posted by T.E. | Report as abusive

I’ve agree with the majority of people on here…that he should be reinstated. This in no way guarantees him anything. Remember, it’s just giving him the right to try. If he can’t perform, he won’t be given anything.

As for the rest of you that say he should not be allowed back in. I guess you’ve never done anything that you need to be forgiven for. Hope you like the heat you damn hipocrits.

Posted by CJBama | Report as abusive

He should be allowed to try out like any other applicant. If he makes the cut Vick should be allowed to negotiate a contract. This thing about punishing former inmates forever must end. This would be a good place to start.

Posted by Russell Prince | Report as abusive

The only reason he’s sorry, is because he got caught. If I got fired from my dream job that paid millions, I would say please give me a second chance too. Lets set an example, FOR ONCE, to the rest of the league, that this is not ok. Even if you dont get caught. They blame it on where they came from, or how they were raised, or the friends they hang out with. Here is their chance to better their lives, and what does Vic do? He had millions of reasons in his wallet, not to do what he did. Lets let the next guy learn from his lesson.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

His crime had no direct bearing on the NFL, except perhaps to tarnish its reputation a little more. Compare this with, say, any number of white collar criminals who destroyed peoples’ life savings – their entire retirement portfolios – and end up on probation.

I think we have to consider – just a little – what disparate sentencing really means in this country. I think dogs are wonderful, and that Vick’s sentencing was probably just, but that it’s even a consideration that he couldn’t go back to his profession is just crazy, especially considering that Michael Milken – just to name one – was sentenced on 98 counts and got to go back to the financial sector.

In another instance of this, a police officer in Austin Texas had harassing his ex-girlfriend on his record and still had a gun and a badge at the time when his “squad car camera was somehow turned off” and shot two people last month, killing one of them.

Dogfighting and NFL have nothing to do with one another. Vick should play if he wants. It shouldn’t be a question. That it is a question makes me sad.


Posted by PR Gilles | Report as abusive

Re: Post by Hayna Hank

1. Please, re-read this post, THOUGHTFULLY.

2. Consider MY thoughts:
It is a true and accurate FACT, that the vast majority of all people (in this country, at least) were completely unaware that dog-fighting was illegal, in all states (in fact, it was NOT…until the Vick thing became well known). We, as citizens, must accept the fact that, due to state law differences, many things that seem offensive, to us, personally, are common in other parts of the country…and though those people may, still, feel that such inhumane treatment of animals, is WRONG…they couldn’t imagine, that something Mr. Vick knew, as a popular “sport”…as a child…should lead to the suffering, he has endured! (as an example, some states, actually, allow “medical use” sales of MARIJUANA! (This is true…look it up!)…and there’s nothing we can do about it, except to take the proper approach, and do all we can to stop the spread of such vile activity…in our, own, area.
Allow people, of other states, to enjoy Some local freedoms. Do we really want to promote FASCISM…in America?

Posted by William Ritter | Report as abusive

Let both Vick and the NFL show that the crimes commited are serious and they are commited to stopping these actions.
Vick donate 25% of your salary to the SPCA with the NFL donating maching funds.
Talk is cheap

Posted by D Patrick Diggins | Report as abusive

No. Sports players of his fame and salary become role models. This man is not, and can never be, a positive role model. A person capable of such cold blooded cruelty does not change, he just learns to hide it better.

Posted by L. Cangiano | Report as abusive

Not until they reinstate Pete Rose and give him his rightful place in the baseball Hall of Fame!!

Posted by RS | Report as abusive

The man made a mistake. He paid for the mistake. Given his status as a star football player, his punishment was beyond severe. Enough of this. To err is human, to forgive devine.

Posted by Richard Fandel | Report as abusive


This guy showed zero respect for his position, incredible cruelty towards man’s best friend, and nothing but GREED.

He’s had his chance and he blew it. Sad as it is, our ball players are our children’s heros. Is this who we want our children to emulate? The thought makes me sick.

Who treats animals the way he did? Some poor, misguided individual who grew up without money? Heck no. Some horrid sadist does what he did…and animals are first, people next. Greed and power is the issue and these sad little individuals couldn’t care less who or what they hurt.

There’s lots of equally talented ball players out there who would never consider doing anything close to what he did. Laud & reward them, not this scum. So his career and earning power is over? Good. Finally, a lesson our children can absorb and use. There ARE consequences.

Thanks, Mike. Despite your disgusting actions, there is the outside chance that smart parents can use your story to save children.

Posted by Kathleen Mahaffey | Report as abusive

There are convicted murders that have played in the league. Seems unfair to let worse felony offenders play but not Vick

Posted by me | Report as abusive

Its All BUSINESS – if NFL thinks Vick will hurt their numbers they should not accept them. Otherwise, let him play.

The fact that he got caught, made the nation aware of a subculture where dog fights are common. If we think its time to pass laws against it, lets do that.

There are issues far more important to deal with.

Posted by alphachino | Report as abusive

Everyone deserves a second chance; I hope those of you that disagree never find yourself in a position to have to ask for one.

I’m not a very religious (organized religion) person, but have always been fond of the statement…let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Posted by Cheryl in NH | Report as abusive

Absolutley Vick should be given a second chance. I respect him because he never took the denial route. This man is NO Pete Rose.

Posted by D. Ken Dill | Report as abusive

We should not be bias. He should have gotten the same treatment he gave the dogs. forget state laws how can anyone be this stupid or cruel to helpless animals??? He should still be in prison not the NFL.

Posted by dan | Report as abusive

It amazes me that even though Vick’s acts were cruel, that we have more compassion for animals than we do the millions of children who have been cruelly murdered by abortionists, and everyone thinks that’s okay. Somewhere we have lost our perspective and priorities.

Posted by W. Michael | Report as abusive

Yes,let the man play ball, he is physically fit, he knows the game and I think he has proven he is human. I do not think that passing an IQ test is part of being on any major league team. Maybe he should become a politician and change his last name, that way he could get away with murder, rape and not paying his taxes.Hell he could become the commander and chief. We have had worse.

Posted by Phil Blizzard | Report as abusive

Yes. First, this is America. Everbody deserves a chance. Second, while I do not approve of dog fighting and view it as unsavory, this activity was already old in Shakespeare’s day, at approximately the time when the colony of Jamestown (near where Vick’s kennels were located) was founded. I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy involved in the movement to impose maximum penalties against Michael Vick. Sports programs in the U.S. spend a lot of money to find kids from tough neighborhoods to participate in competitive sports, because you’re a lot more likely to be a contender if you come from mean streets where a kid to know how to fight to survive. These kids are then put through so-called “college” athletic programs where they are, in effect, trained to be gladiators. The most talented of these kids are chosen to be allowed to actually make some money, but they get it only if they have the killer instinct that is necessary to excel in professional football and other sports. Well, the chances are that people who come through a development program like this are going to have a few rough edges. The chances are they they might have a taste for things like dog fighting, which, even though they are against the law, continue to be a part of American culture. I would be surprised if law enforcement complicity was not part of the culture of dog fighting, at least in some places. Why make an example of Michael Vick? Why do people think Michael Vick “got what he deserved” and the harsh punishment is important because he is a “role model”? If he had failed a steroid test or had made wagers on football games, he would have received far less severe penalties even though the message to kids would have been that it’s okay to cheat. (We get this all the time in sports.) Here, he was engaged in antisocial activity, to be sure, but activity that did not undermine the integrity of the game. As a result, Michael Vick becomes the whipping boy and scapegoat for all the moral stench that is professional sports in America. Because he is a “role model.” Whatever that is.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

He did originally deny any involvement to his boss, the comish, and secondly, he stinks as a quarterback. in about a year, his running skills will deminish and he will be worthless in the NFL. who would want this guy and the PR nightmare that would come with him? does anyone remember that he had a career 75 QB rating during his career??

Posted by rodzilla | Report as abusive

If this guy had been drunk and killed three kids in a car wreck he would already be playing ball. It is symptomatic of a confused of society that we seemingly place more value on animal life than human. Remember too, that there is long history in America of blood sport and while that does not excuse what Mr. Vick did, it does suggest that as a society, we are somewhat hypocritical for trying to ruin the life of this man for having participated in an activity that does have a history and apparently a following Give the guy a chance he paid his debt to society. Let him play. For the record I don’t approve of dog fights or really care for football but I do advocate for fairness and sensibility.

Posted by will | Report as abusive

The commotion surrounding Michael Vick is bloated and unnecessary. I’m not ever sure why so many people care about this…
Please remember that years ago in Rome the most prosperous sects of society used to watch humans brutally fight to the death. And also remember that this was for fun, cheap thrills and amusement!
Today we live in another time with completely different taboos and an entirely new outlook on what is acceptable.
All we can do as citizens and/or lawmakers is look closely into our current legal systems and follow.
If it is currently legal for previous dog fighters to be reinstated, then Vick can play. If criminals are not allowed to be reinstated (which obviously is not the case otherwise the amount of professional players would be drastically less) then there is no way Mr. Vick can ever play again. Unfortunately, I am no NFL bylaw specialist and am not sure of the polices within their organization. But this is an easy decision people. The NFL should follow your institution’s protocol.
Lady liberty is fair and unbiased; the management and board of the NFL should be too. Perhaps the NFL may plan for these very types of activities in the future… but something tells me otherwise.

Posted by Mr. Gimme | Report as abusive

Look, What he did was way wrong and stirs a lot of emotion in people, but I say let the man play. He paid his debt and I think he is truly sincere in his regrets – time will tell. Besides, if we retroactively took back second chances, the unemployment lines would stretch much longer.

Posted by L.Jr. | Report as abusive

It’s no surprise that many of the thumb sucking, yuppie sports fan idiots who know more about there favorite football team than their government are all for sweeping Vick’s herendous crimes under the table and ushering him back onto the gladiator stage. My only hope is that somebody breaks his neck when he returns, and you brainwashed sport fanatics will have to find another false idol to worship on the altar of American pop culture. Disgusting you people are.

Posted by Jon Mancuso | Report as abusive

Yea, give him the same chance he gave those dogs. He paid his debt to society for his crimes, but that doesn’t give him any right to play in the NFL. KEEP THE DOG KILLER OUT!

Posted by Mears | Report as abusive

I would say this is a question for NFL commissioner Rozelle…since this legally has nothing to do with his profession…if it would have been sports gambling like Pete Rose then I could see it but it would be no different than if a regular guy got arrested for a crime and went back to work at his job….

Posted by Chad | Report as abusive

Absolutely, he should never have been given prision time for killing dogs- thats totally absurd to begin with. Most of the members of the army in Iraq have all done far worse and what do they get – a parade !

Posted by velvetmx | Report as abusive


Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

NO he should not play. He will never bring back the lives of the dogs he abused or killed. He can atone all he wants but it doesn’t make those dogs live again. Boo hiss to the people who think he should play any kind of sport. He’s a disgrace to mankind and hideous role model.

Posted by Kelliann | Report as abusive

I am no fan of Mike Vick or his actions. I think he was a typical egotistical athlete. That said, he was absolutely railroaded in this trial. The “time” was way overboard for the “crime”. He should be allowed to play immediately without question.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Vick is a disgrace, I would rather watch soccer than the NFL if he is allowed back!

Posted by mike licavoli | Report as abusive

Why not ? Leonard Little served only 90 days and he only killed a person while drunk driving.We can see where our priorities are in that Vick served more time and still may not play anymore football.

Posted by stevie reno | Report as abusive

I feel that someone needs to send a message about the lack of morals and compassion here. Why should a sports “hero” have a second chance? We hold them in esteem , we allow our children to make them Gods , and why? What have they done other than be good at a sport? Someone needs to point out that being a compassionate, kind, thoughtful human being is far more important than the six figures . It says a lot for the loss of mortal, ethic, and values in society. I don’t want to hear any more excuses. No one can make excuses for a poor excise of a “human” being. We need to understand what is important here……character?

Posted by patricia lusk | Report as abusive

Everyone deserves a second, third, or as many chances as it takes to get it right. If he’s served his time and paid his dues, maybe he’ll be a better man and football player.

Besides, who are we to judge Michael Vick?

Posted by Cassandra Green | Report as abusive

Yea! I think he should play again. Even though he made a big mistake he did his time for it and regret what he has done. He was blessed with talent and it all can be foregiven. People done worst crime and still was given a second chance. After all he lost alot he should change his life around to be a better rolemodle for the younger generation. Let him continue his career. I think he still got it.

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

Yes, everyone deserves a second chance and the only ones who believe otherwise are those that are as “perfect” as Jesus. Otherwise, let him play. Let him donate a portion of his lifelong income to Animal causes to show his true remorse.

Definitely a Jax Jaguar Fan. Let him play.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

Vick was awarded a pot-of-gold, entry into the prestigious National Football League, and he blew. He couldn’t follow the laws of society, and had to pay the price. Part of that price includes the social spin-off his uncivil, anti-social behavior will generate.

He may have blacklisted himself.

From a business perspective should the NFL rehire this character? Would the NFL, described as the crown jewel of professional sports, with the best pro sports public relations machine known, be so ignorant? Why would they take the chance, he might blowup again, who knows what other shady stuff he is involved with or prone to participate in? Besides, there are many outstanding players already in the league, and many up and coming stars every draft. We didn’t miss him while he was gone, we won’t miss him next season.

Instead of being spineless and weak, professional sports should put the stamp down and put all their employees on notice about breaking law.

Many people find it very difficult if not impossible to rejoin society after doing prison time.

Millions are out of work, Vick should consider his $10.per hour construction job his second chance.

Posted by PinkyRing | Report as abusive

Sure he should be allowed to play, he served his time for his crime. I wouldn’t want to punish him for the rest of his life. Move on and good luck Michael

Posted by Thomas Marr | Report as abusive

Accept his apology and let him get on with his career….

Boomer Thompson

Posted by John Thompson | Report as abusive

It depends on the cultures to come down on MV. If he lives in any Asian country, no one would care if he kill pigs or dogs, but since he lives here in the US, dogs are respected more in some place than men, they came down very hard on him. I don’t think Vick knew the severity of the crime he committed. At the end of the day, I haven’t heard him doing anything to hurt any human-being. I believe Vick is good man and he deserves a second chance. I also believe he will succeed

Posted by gb | Report as abusive

WE are such a stupid society. Kill Babies and you are a hero for women rights – Kill a Dog and you go to prison! Yes he should be able to continue to work – he served his time. He wasn’t given a life sentence.

Posted by Tony Braswell | Report as abusive

Having been in prison should impact the rest of one’s life – Vick is no different from the rest of us.

The impact extends to one’s ability to obtain a decent job.

Should he be able to pursue football, sure. Do I think his pursuit should lead to a job, being a QB in the NFL again, no.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

He was young and stupid for getting involved in that mess, but he should be allowed another chance to redeem himself with society.

Posted by jhw | Report as abusive

What Mr. Vick has perpetrated, when taken in perspective with the “legal” actions and/or indiscretions of the present cast of rogues in Washington, it is difficult for me to discern a “crime” that he has committed, let alone his “having paid his debt to society”. As the American taxpayer deserves another chance in November of 2010, Mr. Vick is entitled to play his game – a game in which he is very well adept; ergo, Mr. Vick has a right to pursue his career; and who are we to deny him that? “Dog fighting” is no worse than a Congressional “Cat Fight” – the former is performed in a ring, and the latter in a “chamber pot”.

Posted by Fredric Butler | Report as abusive

it is to bad that this man made such bad choices. but he lied. he showed great brutality and greed. the time in prison was a start but he should not come back to football. other athelets have screwed up and their careers were over. no hall of fame for pete rose for example. and that is life. these are the results of his choices. plus there are other young talented quarterbacks out there who deserve a shot way before this man

Posted by beatel | Report as abusive

Crimes are punishable by serving time and attitude readjustment. Case in point, it seems that he has done both. True these horrific choices he made in the past will never be forgotten, hence he will continue paying his debt to society as will his children and his family. Why should one not be able to continue their career if the crime was not related to the career? In my opinion he should be allowed to continue his career. As we all know in society, if we do something wrong, whether we paid our debt doesn’t matter, we will be judged as such moving forward.

Posted by J | Report as abusive

Nope… The man took a dog (and this is just as ONE example) and repeatedly, and with force, threw the dog on concrete over and over again until it finally died.

‘I’m sorry’, says Vick.

Well It’s easy enough to say you’re sorry, (I’m sure he *is* sorry he got busted) and mandatory to serve a sentence, but what has he done to SHOW he’s sorry; ‘show’ as in actions? He’s sorry he lost millions, for sure.

‘I’ve changed’, says Vick.

Then do something to show it if you’ve truly changed.

Nope… keep him off my t.v. set and keep him away from my dogs.

Posted by MIck | Report as abusive

Michael Vick has served his sentence. He was guilty and he served his time for the crime. Everything he had was taken away from him, his fortune, his fame and his freedom. 1.5 million children were aborted in the United States last year, there will be no cry for their lives. Michael Vick will be judged until the day he dies for what he did to these animals. He admitted his guilt, he did his time and now he deserves the chance to make a living. We have punished this man enough.

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

Once you have paid your debt to society you should be allowed to move on until you show that you have not learned the error of your ways. The American society has learned to forgive, or at least let live, far worse human beings than Michael Vick: see OJ Simpson (charged with two counts of murder), Michael Jackson (charged with sexual assault on a minor), the hero-worship so much of the public has for John Gotti (13 counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, loansharking, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, and tax evasion), Kirby Puckett (charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment), Mike Tyson (sexual assault, cocaine possession and driving under the influence), Kobe Bryant (sexual assault). I doubt Uegeth Urbina and Rae Carruth will face as much public nit-picking when they are released.

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive

I almost forgot another one: If we are going to continuously punish Michael Vick, don’t we also need to harass Don King. What? You mean you don’t remember. Ah, well most don’t. We’ve, as a collective society, since forgiven him for the two murders, ON HUMANS, he committed. But by all means, let’s please destroy Michael Vick.

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive

If an NFL team does not pick him up…come on up to the CFL. Wide open field, great style of play…HE WILL EXCEL IN THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE. He’s paid his debt.

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

No way! He is a felon, and has milkd the public for millions already. He doesn’t deserve an elite job like an NFL player. Keep the league free of criminals!

Posted by P Diddy | Report as abusive

US society’s hypocrisy is amazing. There seems to be more humanity for animals than for fellow human beings. If MV were a white sports talent of equal skill none of this would ever have been a story. It’s always about money and MV did something other than what became the story. To deny a man his right to work after doing time is inhumane.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

let the man play football.he served his time in prison so let him play.ray lewis killed somebody and so did o.j.good luck to mv and the team he goes too

Posted by fred | Report as abusive

Michael Vicks is a dog. Feed him to the dogs and not to the NFL.

Posted by Melvin | Report as abusive

To the NFL it all comes down to money… The Dog Murder will play again… Eddie DeBartolo is barred for life, yet this low life street thug, who can put money in the pockets of the league owners will get to play again…

Posted by Stan Brody | Report as abusive

Although dog fighting is something I do not condone, I think the punishment was excessive. When a country legally murders 2 millions human babies a year by abortion, dog fighting doesn’t seems that important. Just goes to show you how upside down our morals are in this country. Until we get a grasp on what is really important, this country is in big trouble.
Dave Bradley

Posted by david bradley | Report as abusive

He has paid his dues,

Posted by MIKE | Report as abusive

Absolutely Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL

Posted by Art Zimmerman | Report as abusive

His debt to society has been paid, let the man play! I cant wait to see what he does next. Here is an interesting article on the future for Mike Vick: orts/What-s-Next-for-Mike-Vick-3f/sl4076 3392bp324cpp10pn1.html

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I am disappointed that I cannot watch my Colts play tonight because our family has boycotted watching any team the Eagles play. I hope they lose every game this season. But I guess a bunch of testosteroned guys don’t care who they play with.

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