Sehwag injury drama distracts India World Twenty20 defence

June 10, 2009

Now that India’s explosive batsman Virender Sehwag has been ruled out of the World Twenty20 with a shoulder injury, at least the media have one less thing to obsess about.

The journalists travelling with the team in England had been trying to find out why Sehwag did not play, and more importantly did not open the batting, in the warm-up games or the first group fixture against Bangladesh.

Some pundits reckoned Sehwag, the vice-captain who had expressed his preference to bat in the middle-order despite his huge success as an opener, had clashed with skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The captain, expected to talk up India’s chances on the eve of the first game on Friday, instead paraded the entire team before the media, read out a prepared statement criticising speculation of a rift and trooped out.

The board then stayed silent until news of his injury trickled out on Tuesday.

Did the Indian board, hoping that Sehwag recovered quickly for an injury sustained in the IPL, want to keep it under wraps?

If India had openly taken an injured player, it would have complicated things if Sehwag didn’t recover and the defending champions had approached the ICC to permit a replacement.

Wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik is taking his place in the squad but how badly will Sehwag’s absence affect the team?

His explosive batting would have provided the early momentum while his off-spin would have been useful as captains have turned to slow bowlers to deny batsmen the pace needed to slog boundaries.

The Delhi Daredevils IPL team captain has a cool head on his shoulders which would have been handy for Dhoni if games in the later stages had built up to frenzied finishes.

For now, talented youngster Rohit Sharma appears to be easing into Sehwag’s shoes as the opening partner for Gautam Gambhir.

In the end, should Sehwag — with two test triple hundreds as an opener — have spoken at all about his desire to bat down the order so close to the tournament?

And should the Indian team management have come out in the open about Sehwag’s injury to avoid speculation?

PHOTO: Virender Sehwag of the Delhi Daredevils hits the winning runS against Kings XI Punjab in their 2009 Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 cricket tournament match in Cape Town, April 19, 2009. Behind is Kings XI Punjab’s Kumar Sangakkara. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings


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It is ridiculous that media speculates so much. Please focus on things on the field rather than off the field. It is disgusting to watch certain news Channels and News magazines.

Posted by Prakash | Report as abusive

Take the thing as it is. Speculation always creates problem

Posted by Elango | Report as abusive

Its pure politics from Dhoni. He cornered Sehwag because of his own personal issues.

Actually Dhoni wants to be a pure batsman and completly away from Wicket Keeping. Sehwag is not interested in this as it would close an All Rounder opportunity in the team. Sehwag expressed in terms of Teams perspective.

But Dhoni refused and doing in his own way and also doing aginst the unity and spirit. Dhoni has to be stepped down from Captancy. He is really unfit. That is the only reason he brought Dinesh Karthik in.

Posted by Kannan | Report as abusive

I think if this step is taken just bcz of virendra clash with MSD then i think this is a total loss for Indian cricket.We Indian worship cricket & i think these few cricketers do not have any rights to play with our emotion & i personally think if this is not injury & something esl then this is a big drawback of MSD career.

Posted by shailendra desai | Report as abusive

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channels pl spare the team to focus on bigger objective. politics and differences have been around since days of eve.

Posted by fiona | Report as abusive

Good blog, thought-provoking. This sordid Sehwag injury episode shows that Indian cricket, with all its related billions of rupees, is not professional. Did Sehwag not reveal the full nature of his injury to Dhoni or the BCCI, so he could come to the tournament with the team, and make money despite not playing? That is a possibility that must be looked as, as cricket in India is about megabucks as much as it is about playing for the country. Or did the BCCI and Sehwag conspire to keep Dhoni out of the loop? If yes, Sehwag must be chucked out of the team as he is more interested in money than the team. No one should blame Dhoni. He is the best and coolest captain India has and has an excellent cricketing mind. We can lose Sehwag, not Dhoni. Also, our cricketers seem to have too much time to do advertisements and hang around with bimboo models and actresses (BB a la Reebok–so cheap–yuck!) and airheaded female TV anchors (MB)(who know nothing about the game) than fully concentrating on the game.

Posted by Syed Mansoor | Report as abusive

Why should the team management announce sehwag’s injury even if they had known? Sehwag in the squad is a force multiplier so what’s wrong in taking the chance on his fitness? Sehwag on his own has and can win any match on his day so why this nonsense now with his injury?

Let’s enjoy the cricket and not the politics in cricket and let media report the matches and the events around and not accuse Dhoni. if at all, let them question BCCI. But that they won’t do.

I enjoy cricket when played on the field. Off the field, i don’t care.

Posted by roy | Report as abusive

Please do not tell that Dhoni is doing a great job as Captain. He is one of the most unfit player in the team. When compared to Yuvraj, Rohit, Sehwag, Zaheer, Ghambir – Dhoni is nothing. Some kind of luck is still working in his case and will not be like this for a long time.

Because of Dhoni, there is a cold war within the teams and formed two different groups.

Dhoni is now started ignoring Harbajan and Rohit too.
Better selectors should throw Dhoni away. Either Yuvraj or Sehwag should be the next Captain.

Posted by Kannan | Report as abusive

Everytime ups & downs are coming in life. We and our team members should give support to Caption to lookforward and future win.
Please look behind to Sehwag & Yuvraj. Sehwag had very bad days when he was away from team for long.
Yuvraj had 19 runs in contineous 16 innings. Now both are in good forms.
Everybody after IPL were overcomfident & tired while going for world cup. Please study the bodylangauge in each game in 2007 & Now. You will notice.

Let us support & give support to our team rather than hating. Definitely every indian fill bad when we loose the game & every player should keep in their mind.

Posted by Uday Raut | Report as abusive