Formula One can name anything complicated … even a list

June 12, 2009


How complicated can an entry list be? Very, if its anything to do with Formula One.

On the piece of paper published by the governing FIA on Friday, there are 13 teams entered with a total of 26 cars. Simple as that.

Except five of the teams, including McLaren and championship-leaders Brawn, are only provisional because they don’t like the rules.

Of the other eight, three are confirmed but do not want to be. Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso say they should be provisional entries too and refuse to accept the FIA’s designation.

That leaves five undisputed unconditional entries, three of them new teams who have yet to produce a grand prix car but have convinced the governing body that they have the wherewithal to do it.

That also means that if, in a week’s time, there has been no breakthrough on the 2010 rules and governance of the sport, the eight members of the Formula One Teams Association FOTA could withdraw.

So the entry list may actually not be anything of the sort and the war between the existing teams and governing body is far from over.


Regarding the new teams, it’s a relief that they are at least what they say on the tin and not pretending to be anything else.

Campos, U.S. F1, Manor will all be new names to Formula One and so much the better for that.

Lotus and Brabham, the names put forward by two of the rejected teams, are a part of the fabric of the sport and great names from the past. But they are past, gone to the great scrapyard that includes so many other illustrious marques.

Rather than trying to resurrect the dead, Formula One needs new blood that presents itself as such — think Brawn GP instead of Tyrrell, which that team could so easily have been, for example.

That way we can look forward to teams creating their own slice of motor racing history rather than harking back to someone else’s.

PHOTO: A Ferrari logo is reflected on a FIA truck at the Istanbul Park racetrack in Istanbul, June 4, 2009, ahead of the Turkish F1 Grand Prix. REUTERS/Umit Bektas

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F 1 is already in shambles. Read somewhere a article from Mr. Eccleston that F1 can do without Ferrari and the rest of the teams, no dount it can. However like there will be hundreds of thousands who are not watching any longer, already this season. This season is already lost for the teams due to two old gentlemen ( at least one) who have omitted to groom successors as they have passed their “sell by date” long ago. A shame but reality.

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