Pakistan stun South Africa to reach Twenty20 final

June 18, 2009


Pakistan bowled superbly to clinch an outstanding victory over favourites South Africa on Wednesday and reach the World Twenty20 final.

So, more disappointment for South Africa at the semi-final stage and further evidence that Umar Gul (the heroics of Afridi notwithstanding) is the best “death” bowler in this tournament. His spell at the end of the South Africa innings was beautifully delivered and certainly too good for the South Africans … and once again, it was the penultimate over that effectively decided this contest.

It’ll be West Indies or Sri Lanka to face them but they’ll be favourites for the final whoever it is… And who could have imagined saying that after that abject defeat by England earlier in the tournament?

PHOTO: Pakistan’s Mohammad Aamer celebrates after catching South Africa’s Grame Smith during their ICC World Twenty20 cricket semi-final match at Trent Bridge cricket ground in Nottingham, England June 18, 2009. REUTERS/Philip Brow


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Posted by Danish | Report as abusive

Pakistan ZINDABAD!!

Posted by Danish | Report as abusive

is that long live pakistan?

Posted by jacks | Report as abusive

Pakistan Zindabad ! (means Long Live Pakistan)

Posted by Bangash Khan | Report as abusive

Pakistan Zindabad. You have done our country proud, we Pakistanis don’t get to smile a lot Bring the smiles back to our faces provide a reason for us to celebrate your success.. our success as a nation. Especially in the face of what has happened, Lahore incident, conspiracy from whoever are responsible in taking the world cup away from us, isolating us from world cricket and in general as a nation from the rest of the world by branding us terrorists…There’s a lot more at stake than just cricket, We as a nation deserve more, a cricket world cup would do for now

Posted by Faraz | Report as abusive

C’mon I want the Indian reporters to tell me who is the retard now? Its the Indian team! Pakistan played superbly to reach the finals and Indian reporters have egg on their face!

Problem with India is that they are a big country with a small mentality! We should not be shy of commenting on who carried out the actions in Lahore! It was India! They are the only ones to gain by pakistan’s loss (world cup matches). Anyways, we let our bat and ball doing the talking. Suck it India!

Posted by Shahid | Report as abusive

I cant help but say Pakistan zindabad indeed.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, Pakistani Victory is a punch of All Indian cricketers those are enjoying & Dancing on Pakistani defeat against England at Lords.

but Pakistan id always unpredictable teams and can any thing when they want. so InshaAllah will win Final at lords and give Slap to India.

Posted by Khalid Ahmed | Report as abusive

Congratulations to Pakistan, a super talented team that when everything clicks into place are pretty hard to beat. I can’t help but feel South Africa robbed themselves by not being more daring, especially as they finished only five wickets down. And as the commentators rightly pointed out, where was Albie Morkel this tournament? He hardly batted, and he (rather than perhaps the more skilful Duminy) was what South Africa needed coming in at five.
However, South Africa are dull to watch. Pakistan v Sri Lanka or West Indies will be an exciting final, but after the events in Lahore it simply has to be the Lankans. Game on!

Posted by Tom Pilcher | Report as abusive

Well done pakistan. You have proved once more that we are a force in the cricketing world. Shame to the arrogant indian spectators and fans.

Posted by Usman Tariq | Report as abusive

Pakistan Zindabad……..Land of Champions!!!

I hope we do it for the people of Pakistan they definetly deserve it and the team als,o who have been marginlised by the ICC for whetever reason. Cricket without Pakistan is boring, believe it or NOT it is the truth…..

Posted by John | Report as abusive

long live pakistan

Posted by don shah | Report as abusive