Sri Lanka to face Pakistan in Twenty20 final

June 19, 2009


Chris Gayle’s magnificent best was not enough to prevent Sri Lanka beating West Indies on Friday night and making it through to the World Twenty20 final, where they will face Pakistan.

Tillakartne Dilshan gave Sri Lanka a total and West Indies were undone by an astonishing first over that saw them lose three wickets…. There’s no coming back from that against a team that bowls as well as Sri Lanka. What an extraordinary tournament this has been, to provide something unexpected almost every game…

So what do you think? Pakistan or Sri Lanka? If Pakistan play like they can I think they’ll win, but if this tournament has taught us anything it is to expect the unexpected…

Let us know what you think…

PHOTO: Spectators try to catch a Chris Gayle six during the ICC World Twenty20 cricket semi-final match between the West Indies and Sri Lanka in London June 19, 2009. REUTERS/Philip Brown


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I just want to say i dont know if anyone would agree with me, that for me Pakistan winning against South africa was the best match ever. I hope inshallah Pakistan does win. But for me they always will be winners know matter what. They came from nothing and now are in the final that does mean something. I wish them and Srilanka the best. But come on Pakistan inshallah you can do this.

Posted by Lelee | Report as abusive

agree pakistan beating south africa was one of top moments but i think sri lanka are such an awkward team to bat against that they will win.

Posted by jimbo | Report as abusive

Bravehhearts (Pakistan and Srilanka) are in the finals. When most of cricket world refused to visit Pakistan to play, Sri Lanka stepped upto the plate. The team that will commit less blunders in the final will win as both teams are evenly balanced. Pakistan has made several blunders in tournament but not in last three matches. There is no rivalary between Sri Lanka and Pakistan teams so it takes half the fun out in this final.

Posted by aurangzeb | Report as abusive

I wish Sri Lanka and Pakistan all the best. Both team deserve the outmost respect. I don’t care who wins. It’s a joyess moment for both nation.

Posted by khan | Report as abusive

its sri lanka! They deservs to win simply because they are the best team in the tournment! Pakistan meeting sri lanka in the finals is dramatic considring the lahore incident. I hope it’ll be good game but in the end its sri lanka who gonna win the trophy.

Posted by iro | Report as abusive

I think Sri Lanka deserves this series, they were terrific throughout the tournement. But after all both teams are from S.Asia and whoever wins both countries will celebrate. That is what it is to be from south asia. Wish both teams the very best.

Posted by Anthony | Report as abusive

I hope srilanka and pakistan play good match to get second world cup and pakistan proud to be there in the final second time, also world cricket fans never thought pakistan team will be in the final. Indians play lot of cricket specially IPL2 but at the end no results but pakitanis gain strength and beat unbeaten side south africa to become their second final. Well see

Posted by mohammed | Report as abusive

Go Sri Lanka! I think we need a bit of a break

Posted by sunil | Report as abusive

INSHA ALLAH pakistan will win the cup.
afridis back in form,. he has good batting record against lankans,.. 37balls 100 remember.

Posted by Madhar Sahib | Report as abusive

I wish pakistan all the best , guys be good !! both teams are great, srilanka have good spiners, pak has afridi as a leg breaker, pak haa gul as well i mean both are the best thats why they are in the finals wish them both best of luck , and at the end the better team will win InshAllah !!

Posted by beck | Report as abusive

sri lanka deserve it more because they were robbed in the 50 over world cup against australia. but either team is good.

Posted by tahir | Report as abusive

congratulations pakistan for making the final but sri lanka will win this.

Posted by jayson ed | Report as abusive

You know what ever happend with srilanka coming to Pakistan or what not. But the main reason i fink Pakistan should win is that their always put down they get the blame for everything. By winning this it b dream come true. But you know what end of the day i am pakistani fan i truelly hope inshallah pakistan does win. But if they dont then what can you do becoz srilanka is a really good team nd i like malinga soo much. So lets jus see. U have 2 admit ppl pakistan was critized so much about how they going to loose to south africa but mashallah pakistan played good and for me and i fink for many pakistani fans the match with south africa had 2 b the best match every 1 was shocked. I dono if any 1 finks dis but england cricket team get payed sooo much for playin cricket dey get excellent training pakistan and sri lanka nd other teams prb dont gt half the pay but they better team. No matta what both teams r winners. but i jus hope inshallah pakistan wins tommrow. But if srilanka !
does den well done 2 dem :) x x

Posted by Leelo | Report as abusive

hi pakistan’s team congralution keep it up and all the best in september ok

Posted by shabana | Report as abusive