Should Brett Favre come out of retirement…again?

July 10, 2009

NFL/Although NFL training camps are still weeks away, each passing day brings new reports suggesting that Brett Favre is about to come out of retirement for a second time in as many years. The Vikings have openly admitted their interest and Favre has done the same.

While the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers are trying to rebuild around younger quarterbacks, the Minnesota Vikings appear to be willing to throw a proverbial Hail Mary pass to an aging quarterback in the hopes he can take them to the Promised Land.

During an appearance on HBO’s Joe Buck Live, his first since retiring from the New York Jets last February, the three-time NFL MVP said he had surgery a couple of weeks ago on his throwing arm. He said the doctor who performed the surgery on his biceps told him it would take four to five weeks to find out if the procedure was a success.

As long as his right arm is healthy, it looks like Favre is coming back to the NFC where he’s spent almost his entire career. The Cajun may not be able to part the river that runs through the Twin Cities, but his eye-popping statistics cannot be overlooked so easily: he won Super Bowl XXXI, was voted Associated Press MVP three years in a row (last one shared with Barry Sanders), selected 10 times to play in the Pro Bowl and he holds NFL record for the most touchdown passes.

Last year, Favre’s season with the Jets started well; in week four he threw six touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals, a personal best and one fewer than the NFL record. By week 12, the Jets had compiled an 8-3 record, including a win over the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans. However, the Jets lost four out of the last five games of the season including the final game against the Miami Dolphins, who had acquired Chad Pennington after he was released from the Jets to make room for Favre.

In a recent interview, the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards, Jerry Rice didn’t show a lot of confidence in Favre. Rice said the stress of a 16-game season might be too much for a 39-year-old. “Brett is a competitor. But I know towards the latter part of my career, even though I still wanted to be out on that football field, it was like things became a little bit more difficult,” Rice told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Should Brett Favre come out of retirement…again?

PHOTO: New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre leaves the field after throwing an interception against the Miami Dolphins during the fourth quarter of their NFL football game in East Rutherford, New Jersey, December 28, 2008. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

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Posted by James Jaemsoon | Report as abusive

Brett, stop pissing on your legacy. You had a great run, why are you spoiling it? For money?

Posted by Jameson | Report as abusive

If Brett is coming out of retirement to “Stick It To The Packers” as I have read before, then he is doing it for the wrong reason. If he thinks that he will make the difference in Minnesota and take them to a Super Bowl, then he doesn’t know the Vikings already. If he looses to Green Bay as a quarterback of the Vikings, what will that do to his ego and finally, if he is hurt and is pulled from starting quarterback until he is better, will he start talking retirement once more.
To answer the question, Should Brett Favre retire? I would have to say, YES! Too much to loose and too little to gain from all this.

Posted by Greg Brake | Report as abusive

As a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and Brett Farve, I have to say, Brett, please stay retired! Favre became a true hero to a generation of Packer fans while representing the Packers in nothing but an honorable fashion. It was difficult and taxed many a Favre fans dedication to watch him “unretire” to become a Jet. We got over it. But, I have to say, to see the #4 in Purple and Gold after a second “unretire” would tax even the strongest relationships. Brett, please don’t “unretire.”

Posted by Kevin Johnson | Report as abusive

Yes,he should unretire-he makes a team better and the NFL is better with him too.I look fwd to seeing him back of the center this season.Lets face it the Packers moved on and didn’t want him any longer so he has the right to move on also.We fans should not hold that against him-If healthy now he should play if he wants too.I look fwd to buying my#4 Brett Favre Jersey and watching one of the best play the game of football.

Posted by fay | Report as abusive

If Ted Thompson had not driven Brett out of Green Bay he could have played his last years out with the team he gave 16 years to. He would still have needed surgery, and his arm would likely still heal fine, and the Packers would have won or lost with him playing the best he could. He is a foot ball icon and if he wants to play again even at 39 then he should do so, and I am first a Green Bay Packer fan, but will never forget the years I was a Brett Favre Fan as well. I will be at the GB\\Minn game in November, if he is going to step foot back in LAMBEAU field, then I will be a part of that history too. I hate to see him in purple; he should have been allowed to stay in Green and Gold. If you lived in the Fox River Valley, you would have heard more about the Mangement side\\Ted Thompson, who had his own agenda from the minute he took the GM position. I will always want the Pack to win the game, especially against the Vikings, but watching Brett play is always going to be special.

Posted by Constance | Report as abusive

By week twelve (8-3) the Jets limited playbook was known & the D was exposed for what they really were, it wasn’t all Favre…to give some idea, in one game the Jets 1st string D faced an O line *COMPLETELY* made up of 3rd stringers & players who normally played other positions, led by a rookie QB and couldn’t get a single sack in the entire game. Favre spent a lot of time on his back…with the Vikes, he’s looking at more than a 3 month wide playbook…better O & dramatically better D. If the Jets running back had his best year ever with Favre in the backfield, look for Peterson to be undisputed league MVP. Favre isn’t washed up, for most of the year last year, he was one of the top 4 QB’s…not to mention the money he brings everywhere he goes (makes nobodies near household names).

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I concur, the NFL is more interesting with Brett in it. I too look forward to buying my third number 4 jersey.

Posted by tony | Report as abusive

“Pi$$ing on his legacy?? Only in the small world located in the small mind of any so-called football fan who is OK with NFL teams treating older players like crap and claiming that “its business.” When players do what they have the right to do because “its business” they are looked at as traitors who should just go away and die so some idiots can have only happy memories.

“Waa, Waa… Brett, you taxed many fans dedication to watching you… please don’t come out of retirement..”

“Oh but Brett may be wanting to play for the wrong reasons…”

“Who cares about fans who are going to pi$$ & moan about him playing as long as he want for whatever reasons he wants? It’s not up to anyone but Brett Favre and any team in the NFL who’s interested. That’s business and I hope Brett Favre’s next order of business is to stick it to the Green Bay Packers!

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

I say let him play. Screw the Packers! Screw the Bears also! SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I’m a hard core Packer fan of 45 years

When Brett comes to Greenbay i hope the packers get there buts kicked.

So we can all thank the front office & Mike

Posted by Dale Grabinski | Report as abusive

On a bad day, Brett Favre is better than half the quarterbacks in the league.

On a good day, he’s in the top three.

As a life-long resident of Wisconsin, I’ve had the sheer pleasure of watching Brett for seventeen years, and now I can’t wait to see him in purple.

Other than a handful of beer-soaked cry-babies, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t want him to come back. Some want to teach him a lesson by beating him twice this year… while others love him and want him to continue piling up the records.

And yes, there are still many fans here who don’t like the way the whole thing came down to begin with… on both sides.

In any event, and for all our own reasons… we can’t wait for what may be the most exciting competition in the NFC North in our lifetimes.

God Bless Brett… and God Bless the Green Bay Packers!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Anyone that doesn’t want Brett back is just bitter for one reason or another. Favre has beaten them all, and will again this year. Vikings will go 14 – 2, good job Teddy Thompson, your as good as fired!

Posted by Clay Fuller | Report as abusive

Favre to the vikes is magical. All you whiners can STFU, he is the greatest qb of all time and i cant wait to see him pound the FUDGE PACKERS twice this year.

Posted by My testicles itch | Report as abusive

Finally some good responses on this issue. Favre was driven out of GB. The tears showed that, but he was not ready to quit playin’.So he retired, reluctantly. If he wants to play and someone will more power to him.Good for him and why should anyone care otherwise, unless you dont want him playin’ against your team!

Posted by Jer | Report as abusive

Only 2 QB’s are better than Favre (Right Now). Manning and Brady. If you think any other QB is better, you’re smokin something funny. Vikings WILL walk away with the division. Don’t forget, they went 10-6 last year with NO QB. 13-3…Superbowl, losing the Patriots. SICK…Peterson, Berrian, Taylor, Defense, ..OH, Favre. Gooooooodnight NFC. Cakewalk to the Superbowl.

Matt (from CT, not Minnesota)

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Yes, Favre should come out of retirement, if only to give me something to laugh about. Throughout his career he has made poor decisions regarding where to throw the ball, which has lead to a record number of interceptions (310). Just think what he can do when properly motivated, like when he plays the Packers. Perhaps he can brake another record: most interceptions in a single game, which is currently 8. Now that’s what I’d call entertainment!!

Posted by girl78 | Report as abusive

If he wants to, and someone else wants him: then yes. Of course.

People who think their opinion has any relevance to that decision are full of themselves.

Posted by David in Green Bay | Report as abusive

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Step back and look at the big picture. The Vikes are not going to the Super Bowl with Jackson, or Rosenfels at the helm, that is for certain. We probably won’t with Favre at the helm either. What is for sure is that Favre makes other players better. See also: Thomas Jones, 1 TD two years ago, 13 TD’s last year. Furthermore, Favre can improvise when a play breaks down, and is an amazing Dump Off passer. If Harvin can get over the Flu and get in space he could be extremely dangerous. Also, Mr. Peterson might not have to face 9 or 10 guys in the box on every first down. Most importantly, Favre would be “flipping the biggest bird” in sports history, and it would be aimed at the Packers. That alone should make every Vikes fan feel warm and fuzzy. The only thing he could do to one up that would be to go into the Hall of Fame as a Viking. That would be glorious.

Posted by Viking MT | Report as abusive

I am looking forward to Favre playing for the Vikings! It’s a great fit and will be great for Minneapolis and the economy. It has already geared up the interest in the Vikings that I have not seen in years! Good for Zygi to pursue him.
As far as the Packers go, Ted Thompson made his bed. He ran Favre outa town for the wrong reasons. I agree that if Favre wants to play, let him play! If the Packers have moved on, which I don’t think so looking at last year’s record, then let Favre move on! What are the Packers afraid of? But, I guess we all know the answer to that question. Teddy is as good as gone for letting an icon go and for everything he did for the Packers in his 16 years there. Fire Teddy is a popular phrase in Green Bay!!
NFC North is going to be great this year…..let the games begin!! Camp opens three weeks from today, and I plan to be there!!

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Im tired of hearing people say he will destroy his “legacy. The concept of “legacy” is a myth made up for fans. A true player wants to play as long as he can and is not concerned about what fans think about him. To Hell with legacy!

Posted by joe mamma | Report as abusive

Im tired of people complaining about Brett Favre playing for the Minnesota Vikings… Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers did not want him back… Im hoping that this year that Vikings will kick the Packers butt in those two games… and then Ted Thompson will go home crying for not wanting him back!!!!!!! Brett favre is free to play for whatever team he wants more power to him

Posted by Courtney | Report as abusive

Favre was fired from the Packers. So he’s free to play wherever they want him. Are your past employers worried that by working somewhere else your hurting your legacy? Favre is a competitor. He might succeed in Minnesota, he might fail. But its his right to try. And the NFL is better of for it.


Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

It’s sad. Just another legend that does not want to quit. No one wants to remember how at his age he can’t play a full 16 game schedule. Remember the last game with the Packers. NFC championship game. NY Giants at Green Bay. No Energy Brett. Could not make it happen at home. Looked tired and worn out. Next year new team NY Jets. Looked like a star for the first 8 games. Brett tired and worn out for the last 8 games. I hope he plays for the Vikes. Anyone in the north has a chance now. I love Brett, but you need to leave with the good memories.
If the NFL was only an 8 game season they would go all the way. All the beatings, sore arm, sore bicept, sore shoulder…He’s not 30 anymore. Brett would be a great backup….sit on a good team and wait till the starter gets hurts come in and be a star. Face it the young guys are challenged to make the full season now with the players speed today. Good luck. Hope he does not have a bad injury that effects his personal life.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I totally agree with Craig, Courtney and Joe Mamma. Brett Favre has been playing football his entire life. He may be super-human on the record books, but he is a human being first. Anyone who has watched, listened and paid attention to the man really wouldn’t have any spanking comments about his playing anywhere he wants. This article overlooks the fact that his torn biceps was the biggest contributing factor in the last half of the season with New York. I dare say that some people haven’t spent any time watching Brett Favre off the field, his years of post game interviews, etc. He has my support. 100%.

GO BRETT !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Dorian | Report as abusive

I agree, the “he’ll destroy his legacy” argument is pretty tired. Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Favre have more than earned the right to play as long as they like. Further, if the Packers felt the need to pressure him out, I can only say right on to the Vikings. With any luck their offense will be a perfect fit, and who knows … maybe Favre will break another one of Blanda’s records. Favre haters should try putting that one in their pipe.

Posted by Favre haters have no clue | Report as abusive

Go for it Brett. I like to see the unemployed get a job and pay taxes; that helps the economy. Should Brett take a chance? Sure, if he arm is ok. He is better than most QBs today if he is physically ready. Should the Vikings sign him? With last year’s team they were 10-6 and got into the playoffs. A physically repaired Favre could make them 13-3 and an elite them in NFL. Did I hear SUPERBOWL? The Vikings want to win now. People still want to see Brett play. Let it happen.

Posted by jack | Report as abusive

I am originally from Minnesota and grew up in Wisconsin. My parents were always Packer fans not Viking fans.They lived in GB.As a Packer Fan of more years than I can count, I will now be pulling for the Vikings and Brett if he ends up in a Purple uniform.I am disgusted at Ted and the front office.Last summer was painful to watch.The man deserves to play.I don’t understand all this legacy crap. He is a ball player.He still has what it takes.I don’t care how many times he changes his mind. No one really knows what is behind the motivation of his actions. Let’s just watch and cheer him on. He’s given my more joy in all these years than any other player.I live in Houston and no one talks about Earl Campbell’s year with the Saints. Let it go people.

Posted by Babs | Report as abusive

He’s the greatest quarterback of all time he can do whatever he wants I’m rooting 4 u brett

Posted by taylor | Report as abusive

brett is done. he should not come back. i was at the jets last game when they lost to the dolphins and he looked horrible. he cant compete for an entire season, he will eventually throw the games down the stretch away jus like he did for the jets. he does not make good decisions he is a gunslinger who chucks it downfeild and hopes one of his mediocre wrs will go get it. and he does not have the armstrength he once had, of course as he gets older. by the way, he is nowhere near 3rd best qb. eli manning is better, cutler, garcia, penington (ironic)brees, etc. how sad after a hall of fame career, he is fading away so pathtically

Posted by BIG BLACK | Report as abusive

I kind of do want to see him win again. A good story

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

I am 35 years old and get sore when I jog 3 miles. I am trying to make a come-back into competitive 5k running. Anyone who has ever tried to come back from anything (drugs/alcohol addiction, cancer, broken bones, divorce, death of a child, failure out of college, lost job, death of a loved one at war…etc..) might want to take interest in #4. This is America. The American spirit, no matter the motivation, is what #4 represents to me. God bless him, he can still do what he loves to do. I wish I could….

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Is a 39 year old quarterback really that much better than what the Vikings have already? He is one of the greatest of all time, but probably not in the top half of starting QBs right now.

Posted by Real Fake Sports | Report as abusive

As a lifelong Packer fan, I cringe at the thought of Favre playing for the Vikings, but it’s better than the Bears! I’ll watch the man play wherever he wants and cheer for him no matter where he plays. He’s still tougher, better, and smarter than the majority of the QBs. I just hope his arm holds up. If he was heathly the entire season last year (he was 8-3 with the Jets until his arm gave out) they would have easily won their division and could have gone far in the playoffs. The same is true this year with Vikings, only the Vikes have a better team (aka: Peterson) than the Jets had.

Go Brett–kick some butt.

Posted by Mike Mirowski | Report as abusive

thank you eric, couldn’t have said it better

Posted by john allen | Report as abusive

“he is fading away so pathtically” -BIG BLACK

Really? throwing 6 touchdowns against a SuperBowl team is fading away pathetically? Give the man a decent receiving corps, and an offensive line to keep him healthy. Lance Armstrong cannot win the Tour De France on a 5 year old’s tricycle!

Posted by Tyler | Report as abusive

Brett got his arm into trouble in 2008 because he couldnt pick out his receivers routes until the last second. So he had to rifle the ball – even more than the old days – to get it to the receiver. I expect the same thing with the Vikings: he’ll start the season 6-2 and then wont be able to complete a pass.

Posted by Gracer | Report as abusive

Heck yeah he should come out of retirement…AGAIN!
He’s a competitor and the best darn QB in history!
If he’s got…let him do it! It won’t last forever and he and everybody else knows it…but, while he’s got it let him do it. I think he still has it in his heart and that’s pretty much all it takes – HEART! to be as good as he is and for as long as he has.

So..go get ’em Brett, I can’t wait to see you on TV again

Posted by Roger | Report as abusive

How can Miike Mirowski REALLY be a packer fan if he wants to see farve play for the HATED Vikings. The Packers should make a legitimate run for the nfc north title this year, so we can do without our rival teams gaining anymore weapons at all. I love Brette ahnd always will but NOT IN AN UGLY PURPLE VIKING UNIFORM….GO PACK GO!

Posted by shawn | Report as abusive

Brett Favre should NOT be a Viking!

Posted by Sylvia | Report as abusive

Well, Brett needs a team. If the Vikings can use him, I can’t wait to watch him play again. The Jets had a chance but ……..that’s history. It’s not over homie…….go for it!

Posted by Roxi | Report as abusive

Heck yeah, let him play in purple!

Posted by Roxi | Report as abusive

Let him go to the Vi – Queens. The media circus will be a great advantage for the Packers.

Neil Young said it best Brett, “It’s better to burn out than fade away”. You are fading away!

Posted by DBL – A | Report as abusive

I am only 29 and I have watched Bret as long as I can remember watching football. I can’t imagine a year w/o him. But I would like to see him go out on a good note not as a last ditch effort to hang on. So, play on if you must Brett, but play your heart out and end it well.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

Ha, we lived for years with Brett’s “will-I-stay-or-will-I-go” drama here in Green Bay. It’s like Brett … gettin’ kinda old. But if he thinks he can have a good season or two in Minnesota, let it happen.

Posted by Drew in Sconnie | Report as abusive

He is 2 years removed from a pro-bowl season. Before he tore his biceps he was a top 5 back and beat the undeafeated Titans. Last 6 games were horrible, but he was injured. He plays injured and those are the worst times to have Brett as QB. If he is healed he can be at the least a top 10 QB this season, if he is injured, he will be in the last 10.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

This whole drama is waaaay played out. He’s become a prima-donna QB that likes to be segregated from his teammates. Maybe the Vikings should be looking for someone that will be good for the long haul, not just until Favre decides to retire. . . .AGAIN! He might think about that when he’s playing the Bears at Soldier Field at the very end of December. Brrrr Brett. . . .feel the cold.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Should Brett Favre come out of retirement…..again?…

Although NFL training camps are still weeks away, each passing day brings new reports suggesting that Brett Favre is about to come out of retirement for a second time in as many years. The Vikings have openly admitted their interest and Favre has done …

Posted by | Report as abusive

As a Lions fan….no….please do not come back. I am getting sick of seeing him torch the Lions every year.

Posted by JG | Report as abusive

I dunno here. I am kinda tired of seeing mediocrity at the QB position but that is the NFL now. So, as long as there are QB’s like Kyle Orton and Kerry Collins there will always be room for someone like Farve no matter how many poor decisions he makes during a season.

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

Hey JG, tired of seeing Favre torch the Lions? They’re the Lions! Amy Winehouse could throw for four scores against them….

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

I really think this is just a ploy to sell tickets. That’s it.

Posted by Snuggles | Report as abusive

IF the Vikings sign Brett Favre he can lead them to the Super Bowl, read below.

Posted by STEVEN RICE | Report as abusive

I am Sooooooooooooo tired hearing about brett favre please leave favre you just love attention.

Posted by jw | Report as abusive

If Favre will retired again, we expect that after a year he will come back again in the field, as long as his healthy.

Posted by Dolphins Tickets | Report as abusive

i love mike vick:)

Posted by cbassiszbest | Report as abusive