Terrell Owens hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like

July 22, 2009

Terrell Owens’ new reality show on VH1, “The T.O. Show”, debuted on Monday night and the reviews were not kind. One media member simply called it “a train wreck”, while television critic Jonathan Stoowens1rm used more colorful language saying, “The T.O. Show is so shallow mosquitoes couldn’t breed in it…”

Neither the reviews of the show nor the fact Owens allowed cameras to follow him around are a surprise. Ever since he entered the NFL with the San Fransisco 49ers, Owens has been a lightning rod for controversy and has seemingly loved every minute of it.

T.O. plays the role of the petulant child extremely well. (Which is surprising since he’s also written a children’s book on the value of sharing). He hasn’t learned to differentiate between good and bad attention. But he has learned how to get it, which has ranged from the good, to the bad to the bizarre.

Owens will suit up for his fourth NFL team this year in Buffalo as a member of the Bills. For all of his talent, is Owens worth the sideshow he creates? Or as a fan, would you rather have a slighty less talented player, who simply plays football?


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It doesn’t matter to me what the “critics” say about the show. I enjoyed it as it showed his relationship with his friends/family. I saw a different side of him so I will be watching it. Also, why shouldn’t he have a reality show–just about everyone else does and America eats it up. This show is no worse than “Jon and Kate Plus 8″!

Give Terrell a break—please!

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Jonathon Storm must definitely be a big fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians OR The Hills. Both those shows are deeply insightful. In fact, so much so that it makes Discovery Channel and National Geographic seem like watching paint dry.

If Reuters can do me a favour and pass this on to Mr. Storm I would really appreciate it:
Reality TV is itself the most mind numbing television in America. In a place where runner ups can get their own shows, what kind of quality do you expect on reality shows?

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Leave T. O. alone. there is nothing wrong wtih his show and nothing wrong with the great talent he has. Stop hating

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I really can’t believe you actually blogged about this. It seems like this is the only reality tv show you have ever watched. The guy loves attention, and people give him the attention, nothing wrong with that. He’s a great football player, one of the best receivers in the game. Every team he’s been on he has produced and the stats proved it. Game winning catch against the Packers in the 98 playoffs, took the Eagles to the Superbowl, made Tony Romo into a stud quarterback. Instead of trying to bash a good player, bash the NFL for fining him for every TD celebration he does.

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Every one on this blog needs to back off of him He has had a ruff life from what has happend on this show This show has turn me in to a fan of TO I now what he is going throw it is hard to have a grandama that does not even now u i am going throw the same thang my grandma tock care of me all my life and now she dont even now me and i dont even see or speak to my dad so people that make fun of him and this show u all need to grow up

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[…] Terrell Owens hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like […]

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