Mike Schmidt makes the case for reinstating Pete Rose

August 26, 2009

Twenty years ago this week, Pete Rose received the harshest of all of baseball’s penalties: a lifetime ban for betting on games while managing the Cincinnati Reds, the team that brought him fame as a player and infamy as a manager.

SPORT BASEBALL ROSEIn return for his admission, MLB wouldn’t embarrass Rose by exposing its evidence against him.

Rose protested his innocence for years, but eventually admitted to gambling on baseball games in his 2004 autobiography, “My Prison Without Bars“.

Former Philadelphia Phillies slugger and Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Schmidt wrote an opinion piece recently saying his former team mate is having to sell his autograph to make ends meet while steroid cheats are raking in millions of dollars.

“Pete bet on his team to win and has been banished for life. (Others) bet that they would get bigger, stronger and have an advantage over everyone and that they wouldn’t get caught. Which is worse? Does the penalty fit the crime?”


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Pete Rose earned the right to be in the Hall of Fame through his accomplishments as a player. It is time to place his name for nomination to the Hall of Fame. Let the voters decide if he deserves to be there.

Posted by Hershel Reddeck | Report as abusive

He also failed to come clean for years. I think that’s what did him in.

That being said, a permanent ban is ridiculous. Put the man in the hall.

Posted by Mikey | Report as abusive

The punishment was heavy because ample opportunities to come clean were afforded to Mr. Rose, and he threw his finger at the commissioner.

Now he begs forgiveness. Tough pill to swallow, but I would put him in the hall. It has been long enough.

Posted by Mikey | Report as abusive

baseball is a hypocrite in itself! first they didn’t allow blacks to play in the league… why isn’t it any asterisk (*) next to those players who broke records during that time period?
moreover, why isn’t the steroid era looked at under the same scrutiny as rose? let the guy in for cry’in out loud!

Posted by bryan philly | Report as abusive

I think that it is absolutely ludicrous that Pete is still waiting to get in the Hall. Guys like Bud Seilig, Mark Mcguire, Rafael Palmeiro, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, and Alex Rodriguez have done way more to damage the game than Rose could ever do. They take the steroids but the will never catch 4,256 hits. They can keep him out but they can’t take that away from him.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Interesting point… Compared to others he seems to have a good case for inclusion but then again, he did break the rules, and protest his innocence for a long time.

Posted by kev | Report as abusive

I’ve been against Rose making it to Cooperstown because he tarnished the sport. The truth is, he did to tarnish it. That said, Mike Schmidt’s point is undeniable. Baseball should make a very public, concerted effort to cleanse its image once and for all. In the process, it must make some hard decisions… Does Bonds get to be a Hall of Famer? Do others who juiced to their own advantage? If they get in, Rose has to get in too. If they stay out, he stays out.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

What people forget is Rose bet when he was a manger, not a player.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

I was a 13/14 year old in the early 70’s, and made a few trips to Cincinnati to see the “Big Red Machine”. We would try to get Rose’s signature and he would tell us he didn’t have the time, he was and probably still is a huge A-Hole but to watch him play was unbelievable at times. The man would always give 150% and I have to respect that. What he meant to baseball than and now and the things he did on the field deserve to be recognized…let him in the Hall, until than, I will never visit the Baseball HOF.

Posted by MDE | Report as abusive

True old Pete bet on baseball. But like someone said he earned his way into the Hall. Just look at his stats. He was a great player and I was glad to be able to see him in his prime.

Posted by larry | Report as abusive

He should make it into the Hall as a player not a manager

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

He bet on the sport while in it, he was aware it was not legal. So you don’t get to pick your punishment. Performance enhancing drugs, which I do not agree with or appreciate, were any of those actually banned at the time? If so, then punish them as well. As far as his accomplishments, it’s always talked about every year to einstate him. blah blah Please. He has to sell his autograph to make ends meet? Does the HOF give a pension I’m not aware of? He and nearly every other athlete will sell the signature til the end of time.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Being from South GA, I can remember watching Rose play 2nd base in the minors in Savannah. As a Milwaukee and later Atlanta Brave fan I saw him play in the majors as well.He certainly should be in the Hall of Fame. If fans can call Barry Bonds (a skinny singles hitter in Pittsburgh)the home run king over Hank Aaron, then Charlie Hustle should definitely be in there. Rose got his 4256 hits because of his ability and his determination. He has been punished way too long!

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

let’s not forget why baseball has this death rule on betting.Integrity of the game,so just expand it for anyone using p.i.d. would’nt be allowed into the hall.but with that being said,let him in but keep him away from the ballparks except as a fan.

Posted by frank wright | Report as abusive

The correct perspective is: baseball is a business first, a game second. The money made from the roid era increased profits times 10 according to published articles and made us forget about the strike. 600 million to 6 billion. Stop looking at the players and start looking at the owners. Owners did not have to inject themselves. Imagine a doctor telling you that you have incurable cancer. What are the millions made by these guys going to do then? Nothing!!! The hall of fame will be forever tarnished because of that. We really do not know who all the cheaters were, and to what extent they cheated. As mentioned, you can already put a tag on the non-black player era. Really now, does the Hall of Fame mean anything now? This is kids stuff, a make believe world, just like Santa Claus. It is fantasy. My feeling in the end is. Let Pete in. This is not a religion, it is not something that serious. This is entertainment. This is a pastime. This is a money grabber business, and I love it anyway. I take it for what it really is, and no more.

Posted by Darrell | Report as abusive

I think that Pete Rose should be alloud to be inducted in the hall of fame as a player there is no evidence of him betting as player only as a manager. He is the greatest to play baseball. Go after the steroid class the ones that hold records all of them who hit more than 61 homers in a season you know who they are. That is worse than betting on your team to win.

Posted by Jerry Landwehr | Report as abusive

While I read your recent article on gambling and professional baseball with great interest. I can’t help but wonder if the problem begins in the minor leagues.

Did you know that a certain California Baseball Commissioner is a HUGE high roller in Las Vegas? Perhaps this double standard facilitates the continuation of gambling in the Majors! It surely makes me wonder why a player could be banned for life for gambling, while a Commissioner gambles regularly with no questions asked.

Can’t help but think there is a direct correlation in bad behavior here!

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive

I am sooooo outraged that Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame I can scream. He is not my favorite person to say the least. But he was truly a FABULOUS Baseball Player and so deserves to be in the Hall. I also am sick and tired of these glorified sports stars taking drugs and getting chance after chance to play the sport. One of the stories I have heard that what hurt Pete is that he lied totally about the mistake. Well please who doesn’t? Especially on drugs or the dam Steroids. It makes me sick. So to make a long story short. Pete Rose Baseball memories need to be in Cooperstown.

Posted by Barbara MacIntyre | Report as abusive