The worst act of cheating in sport?

September 17, 2009

MOTOR-RACING-PRIXThe back page of today’s Times carries an opinion piece that pulls no punches about Formula One’s race-fixing controversy.

“The worst act of cheating in the history of sport,” is the headline.

Not the worst act of cheating in F1, but the worst in any sport, in the opinion of columnist Simon Barnes.

What do you think about that assessment? Former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine scoffs at that idea.

“Formula One has always been a war and in war all is fair,” he told the BBC. “When I was in various teams you would do anything to win. Back in the day, it was normal. This is probably slightly on the wrong side of the cheating thing but in days past every team have done whatever they could to win — chat, bend the rules, break the rules, sabotage opponents. This is just the FIA going on a crusade.”

Looking back at examples of sporting fraud, the systematic doping carried out by the former East Germany really will for many stand out. That was state-funded and long-lasting. Athletes’ lives were put at risk while scores of others had their careers blighted by doped up rivals taking top honours.

Years of training, effort and commitment laid waste by cheats who were not found out until it was all too late for those competing against them.

Williams co-owner Patrick head commented on the Renault affair at Monza last week, his words relayed with headlines suggesting it was a test of Formula One’s ‘integrity’.

When I bumped into him again this week at a book launch for British great Stirling Moss, a man who stands for everything that is fair play and sportsmanship, Head gently pointed out that he would not have used that particular word.

It’s a fair point. Formula One has had its integrity questioned so much in recent years that cynics would question why anyone bothers looking for it any more.

That would be unfair to the thousands of honest and hard-working people in the sport, however, from team employees to sponsors whose businesses are conducted ethically and transparently.

They, more than anyone, need the sport to clean up its act so that it no longer ranks among the all-time worst offenders in a roll-call of cheating.

So who is right? Irvine or The Times?

FILE PHOTO: Renault Formula One driver Nelson Piquet of Brazil drives during the second practice session for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Russell Boyce


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I have been watching Formula One for the last 12 years. Now I feel like a complete fool. Eddie Irvine’s comments are very revealing. If cheating is the norm in this sport, all the pre-race and post-race analysis that you hear is rubbish. Millions of fans are taken for a ride year after year.

Consider this – from now on every time I see an advert of ING or Total, I will be thinking ‘cheaters’.

I am logging out for the final time. I will not waste anymore of my time on this farce.

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Let’s not pay too much heed to the rampant ego that is Simon Barnes, a once-fine writer who has been underdone by his own sense of self-importance and the need to tell everyone about his horses in each column.

As for Formula One, well quelle surprise. Cheating goes on. In there is one lesson we have learned during this summer, is that not one sport is immune from a bit of, how Mr Irvine might put it, ‘rule-bending’.

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Just added my own blog this month. I need some inspiration. Thx.

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