Mayweather looks the business but will Pacquiao fight happen?

September 20, 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just too big and too quick in Las Vegas on Saturday that not even a man who is tough enough to drink his own urine could leave a mark on the returning showman.

Having been in retirement for 21 months we should have witnessed some ring rustiness, it didn’t happen. Mayweather used all of his defensive prowess to stay out of trouble and fought expertly behind his potent jab to make Juan Manuel Marquez look amateur.

Saturday’s fight has been called a mismatch by some experts, but that is unfair on Mayweather whose swaggering performance was that of a man hell-bent on convincing the few remaining doubters that he is the sports classiest performer.

There is only one fight left out there for him before he retires again, but money, promoters and a Puerto Rican could prevent the super-clash against Manny Pacquiao happening.

Pacquiao fights Miguel Cotto in Vegas in November, a skilful, powerful Puerto Rican opponent who has only been defeated once and will provide a far sterner test than Ricky Hatton or Oscar de la Hoya did.

Defeat for Pacquiao would end any immediate hope of a showdown with Mayweather and would probably bring Marquez back into the fold for a third battle between the pair which, after their first two fights, would not be a bad thing.

The second stumbling block ahead of a Mayweather-Pacquiao match-up is money. Both fighters are renowned negotiators. Could they reach a resolution?

The third issue is Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum who Mayweather once sued after buying out his contract with the Top Rank boss.

When asked about a possible fight with Pacquiao last week, Mayweather ominously said: “He (Pacquiao) has a boss (Arum) and I’m my own boss. So, in order to make that happen, he has to go through his boss.”

But if these issues could be overcome it would be a fascinating contest to watch, despite the fact I can only see one winner.

For now Mayweather is back to his dazzling best and set to reclaim the pound-for–pound crown.

PHOTO: Floyd Mayweather Jr of the U.S. celebrates his victory over Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico after their welterweight fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada September 19, 2009. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


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Mayweather is a little pansy and as much as he may talk about being the best he has yet to realize that you have to fight the best to be the best…not wait until they get old and out of their prime before he fights them.

Posted by Kyle | Report as abusive

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i’ve deleted a couple of comments, which i don’t think brought much to the debate. thanks for outpointing, whatsitmatter.

Posted by Kevin Fylan | Report as abusive

best FIGHTER EVER.. UNTOUCHED.. UNBEATEN.  /b-yonest-newz-floyd-money-mayweather-p eriod/

Posted by LETZ BYONEST | Report as abusive

Pacman is scared of Mayweather? He has to fight a skilled boxer not boxers past their prime

Posted by pacmay | Report as abusive

congrats to Floyd…staying undefeated after Retirement…now the world is waiting on his major fight next year…

Posted by Constant Gina | Report as abusive

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Boxers are divas. This is an example of why MMA has overtaken the “sport” of boxing.

Posted by Nathan Kirksey | Report as abusive

Pacquiao maybe scared, but he will doubt.

Mayweather scared ? he will avoid the fight for sure.

Posted by Joe Rayos | Report as abusive

Thanks for your comments folks, Joe you dont really think Mayweather will dodge the fight, surely it was the only reason he came out of retirement? Nathan, UFC still cant generate the global interest that Saturday’s fight could which means boxing is still above it, no? Kyle, would fighting Pacquiao appease your concerns about Mayweather “dodging” opponents

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

a winner take all is the only solution i could see…. unless mayweather’s uncertain of his win? if he’s confident then prove it. otherwise, its the same non-sense trash talk just like before

Posted by max kingman | Report as abusive

Let’s bring this on! So that Pacquiao can silence the Mayweather’s once and for all! Sr. and Jr. are just a bunch of pure non-sense loudmouths. They’ve got no talent in them. For Pacquiao vs Cotto fight updates, visit

Posted by Pacquiao vs Cotto latest updates | Report as abusive

Mayweather is the best no matter what!!!! i mad a lot of bets with ma peoplz that Mayweather would win. They thought Marquez was goin to win but come on

Posted by Vicky | Report as abusive

i doubt the fight will happen unless Mayweather would be willing to take a 50/50 split. ANYWAYS, Mayweather put on a great performance that showcased his skills but you cant forget he came in 2lbs overweight at the weigh-in (many beleive he didnt even have the intention of making weight) and he fought a guy who has never been above 135lbs. Im not hatin on Mayweather, he got skills.. he just has a rep of questionable opponents..

Posted by loreto maka | Report as abusive

your dead right loreto!
well, if i’m a joy mayweather @zz licker, i’d probably whine and hate you for your opinion. i’d even defend him if he fights and defeats ivan calderon. i’m that of a close minded stupid person. the answer to most of these floyd fans on why most people hate their fighter is because of ARROGANCE. let’s face it! most NORMAL people really hate that word(most specially if you put it to action)

Posted by max kingman | Report as abusive

The pac man would gobble up the ghostly mayweather. Honestly, it would make headlines all across the U.S to the philipines. But you have to remember, Pacquiao has a
strong enough body to head game. Even though Mayweather
will dance all night long like a lionel richie song. In the end he would proably win just on points. If you go by KO, Pacquiao has the highest chance of knocking Mayweather Jr on the canvas.

Posted by SANDMAN | Report as abusive

Mayweather is the best….40-0 proves it….sorry for everyone who doesnt like to here it but its true…He is smart to fight Marquez out of retirement because it would have been silly to fight pacpiuo after a 21 month lay off…they will fight, he will win and he will be consirdered maybe the best ever

Posted by cedric | Report as abusive

it would be the best match-up in decades. if they both want to be known as the “best boxer today” they should look past the cash and the trash-talk and just let their fists do the negotiations and the talking. its entertaining but its still the sport that they “love” that they both show respect to, not their wallets and all that other sh***… greed is a deadly sin right? why can’t they just show their class instead of their b.s. egos. enough gibberish, just show the fans u want to fight will ya!!

Posted by onecoolhit | Report as abusive

Mayweather shoudl fight PACMAN, shut up his mouth and ask Manny to fight him next year…

Posted by Jenchoc | Report as abusive