Brett Favre: career renaissance at 40?

October 7, 2009

In one of the most anticipated games of the season, in two rabidly partisan Midwestern states, Brett Favre has gone from beloved icon of the Green Bay Packers to leader of the hated Minnesota Vikings. The dislike reached Hatfield-McCoy proportions Monday night when Favre triumphed 30-23 over the team he proudly represented for sixteen years.

According to the New York Times, the showdown attracted an average of 21.8 million viewers, the biggest audience in the history of cable television, exceeding the 18.6 million who watched the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game in September 2008 on ESPN.

In an interview to ESPN, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said Favre is the best quarterback in the NFC North. “[Favre] played really well,” Cutler said. “I think we kind of would have liked to have seen Green Bay beat him to even out the conference a little and give those guys a loss, but he played fabulous from start to finish. It was a good game.”

These days, the aging Cajun plays with the allure of a fine French wine: the older he gets, the better he gets… at least early in the season. Favre who turns 40 on October 10th has a perfect 4-0 record, and his surgically repaired right arm seems to have new life.

A medical team performed surgery on Favre’s biceps last May, cutting the partially torn tendon to alleviate the pain that prompted him to prematurely announce his retirement for a second year in a row before signing with the Vikings.

Last year, Favre’s season with the New York Jets started well; in week four he threw six touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals, a personal best and one fewer than the NFL record. By week 12, the Jets had compiled an 8-3 record, including a win over the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans.

However, the Jets lost four out of the last five games of the season including the final game against the Miami Dolphins, who had acquired Chad Pennington after he was released from the Jets to make room for Favre. In those five games Favre threw eight interceptions and only two touchdown passes, bringing his season total to twenty-two of each.

In an interview Dr. Anthony Romeo, section head of shoulder and elbow surgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, said “Brett Favre’s probably going to get stronger and stronger as the season goes on,” “The chances for this deteriorating are far less.”


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Awesome game for him, got his revenge, his record and whatnot. But still the Packers don’t want him back and will move on without him.

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Yes, only because the difference between the 2009 Vikings and the 2008 Jets is that the 2009 Vikings will not ask their QB to make 38 attempts against a team (Denver) with a poor run defense, after they have already diagnosed him with a painful injury in his throwing arm. This is what the Jets made Favre do late in last season.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

It’s amazing to see a man this late stage in his carrer, still have the ability to be affective. Now, this isnt your white collar job; It’s the NFL! He still can throw a tight spiral and still has accuracy ability. He does lack the long bomb, and they shouldnt expect him too. Allowing Favre to play within 45 yards from scrimmage, is gonna keep him from over doing it and throwing short on a long pass play. Don’t get me wrong, he can throw it, but should limit it to play action.

Posted by SANDMAN | Report as abusive

He’s the man. Looks better than most of the league at age 40. Inspirational

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

After Marino retired, I was looking forward to watching Favre play. It’s nice to see someone with his competitiveness doing well on a good team. Let’s hope he can hold it up for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. Leo, Nice work on the article. How about one on the mess in the Canadiens locker room. :)

Posted by MarcS | Report as abusive

We seriously need to put Favre on extinction. He does not need this much attention.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

“He does lack the long bomb” – What planet are you from? Didn’t you see the 50 yard rope Favre threw to win the San Francisco game? That ball traveled 50 yards on a rope, and was caught 10 feet off the ground. It was good for another 10 yards. That means Favre can rifle a 60 yard rope, or a 70 yard bomb. There aren’t two other quarterbacks in the NFL who can do that.

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

“We seriously need to put Favre on extinction. He does not need this much attention.”

Dear Amanda,
Quietly exit the discussion labled “career RENAISSANCE at 40?” Allow me to repeat, FORTY YEARS OLD, CAREER RENAISSANCE. This is a blog to highlight the achievement of a legendary and extrodinary player. The fact that you’re even here and took time out of your day to post on this article that we should forget him is proof of your inner appreciation for the man.

Anyway, the guy can throw and he loves playing the game. I think, if he keeps this up, he’s good for at least another year or two and can break just about any record he chooses. Not to mention he’s going to have a blast doing so. How many of us actually want to wake up in the morning going to a job we absolutely love? And are rewarded for constantly?

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Dear Jim
I think we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

Can Favre keep up the pace– Why not? He’s got something to prove this year and a good team to prove it with. And hey, as all the 50 year olds say, 40 is the new 30, isn’t it?

Posted by john | Report as abusive

SAy whatvere you want but, Farve can still make all the throws. Ted Thompson you moved on we’ll I seen which team is better in that division and why you didn’t want Farve to go to the Vikes and play against you. Wow, who out there reading this would of given up 10 million dollers to just stay retired. Not Me.. But Brett Farve did just give a good old butt whippin to a former manager. I love this Guy!!! The best QB/NFl Player ever. Hands Down..

Posted by James Farver | Report as abusive

If they keep protecting him like they did last week he should hold up. When you have 7 sec. to through the ball any QB. will look good.

Posted by Wizzard | Report as abusive

Make it 5-0 Go Brett Go !

Posted by Marzabul | Report as abusive

once a time ago Farve was not only a great player but a great Team person. I have followed the Pack for the past 45 years and realize a lot of Great Packers & Great Vikes could be doing what Farve is now doing. But they choose to stick to the Team concept. I did not know why the Pack didn’t want him on the field, but I do now. He wants HEADLINES above everything. Poor Farve, some-day he will have to think about his past selveness.

Posted by sligging steve | Report as abusive

Its really fun to watch Farve play and he does make all the young guns look bad. My only concern is what if he gets injured, no matter what anybody says he does not have a body of a 20 year old. As long as he does not get too many hits I say Vikings have a great chance at making history this season.

Posted by Jesse | Report as abusive

Brett favre is looing pretty darn good this season,and he’s throwing lazers!The particular engine that drives him is rare in the NFL.

Posted by Louis | Report as abusive

Favre is the wiley old veteran that won’t quit until he is so completely battered that he can’t get up anymore.I believe he will be “laid to rest” on the gridiron at the ripe old age of 90 or 100? I say give it hel* old gunslinger!

Posted by Jimmy Caton | Report as abusive