Robredo makes friends in Shanghai

October 16, 2009

Tommy Robredo gestures to fans after losing a point in ShanghaiReuters photographer Aly Song caught Tommy Robredo making this gesture to the crowd during a third round defeat to compatriot Rafa Nadal at the Shanghai Masters on Thursday.

The Spaniard was upset at the noise the crowd, who overwhelmingly backed Nadal, were making during the match.

Robredo is not the first international sportsman to be unhappy at Chinese crowds not observing the etiquette of spectating at tennis and golf events.

It’s not the most orginial of thoughts, but why should tennis players and golfers expect silence to do their jobs when other sportsmen are not afforded such conditions?

A rowdy, cheering crowd might even improve the atmosphere.  

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[...] 40 – During his loss to Nadal, Tommy Robredo saluted fans for their support. [...]

[...] 40 – During his loss to Nadal, Tommy Robredo saluted fans for their support. [...]

[...] 40 – During his loss to Nadal, Tommy Robredo saluted fans for their support. [...]

Maybe you should trying playing a tennis match when there is a lot of noise all over the court and the fans are walking and talking while a point is being played – then you will understand why you need people to shut the hell up when a match is going on!!!!

In other sports you can actually cheer while the match is being played. Tennis like golf requires a lot of concentration and when you have fans making a lot of noise it makes it very difficult for the player to hit the ball. It is as simple as that!!!

People always like to say how Nadal does so much to engage the crowd with all the ridiculous fist pumps and jumping up and down he does on the court – but they should realize how disgusting this behavior is on a tennis court. Yes it’s okay to get the crowd into the match but you can do that by playing good tennis which the crowd will be grateful for. However when you behave like a monkey on the court you create an atmosphere where the place is so darn noisy and it becomes difficult to concentrate and play your game.

There is something call “tennis etiquette” and sadly this is something today’s tennis players and fans knows nothing about!!! It’s quite a shame really because just only a decade ago you never saw tennis players or fans behave the way they do now!!!

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