Pacquiao could damage reputation by fighting Mosley

December 15, 2010

BOXING/Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be first pick, Juan Manuel Marquez wouldn’t be a bad choice either but Shane Mosley is certainly not the man the world wants Manny Pacquiao, the undisputed pound-for-pound best boxer on the planet, to fight next.

However, it appears very likely that Pacquiao will announce a May 7 bout with the 39-year-old former welterweight title holder during his birthday celebrations in the Philippines on Friday.

Mosley was booed during his woeful September draw with reality television celebrity Sergio Mora following a unanimous points loss to Mayweather in May.

However, he appears to be first choice for Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, who is in the Philippines and has said the choice of opponent will be down to Pacquiao.

Mexican Marquez looked back to his best in defeating Juan Diaz and Michael Katsidis this year following a defeat by Mayweather. Marquez’s two previous fights with Pacquiao, a draw and a split decision victory for the Filipino, were nothing short of thrilling and a third fight would be attractive.

Pacquiao’s reputation has gone through the roof following his jolly up the weight divisions. His ability to bring with him the power he had at featherweight to leave opponents at light-middleweight in trouble is phenomenal but he could possibly damage that reputation by taking a fight with Mosley.

What is there to be gained in bashing another inferior opponent for 12 rounds other than a shed load more money to throw in the bank?

Pacquiao outclassed Antonio Margarito to win the vacant WBC light-middleweight title last month, the eighth division in which he has claimed a world title but the Mexican wasn’t worthy of a title shot in his second fight back following a one-year ban for wearing illegal hand wraps.

Before that Pacquiao humiliated Joshua Clottey for 12 rounds, the Ghanaian offering minimal offence and content to survive the contest with both hands covering his face. Was he a worthy opponent having suffered losses to Miguel Cotto, who Pacquiao stopped in the final round, and Margarito?

To be fair to Pacquiao, his first choice has always been Mayweather but the pair have not been able to negotiate terms and the Filipino has been forced to take other fights and while he has been able to showcase his talents in beating the lower class of fighter, it seems the boxing public have had enough.

ESPN’s respected boxing correspondent Dan Rafael posted on Twitter: “Not only don’t my Tweeples (Twitter followers) support a Pacquiao-Mosley fight, they’re venomous in their hatred for it. Does ANYONE want to see it? If so speak”

PHOTO: Supporters of Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao pose for a picture during the unveiling of Pacquiao’s statue at the Manila Bay seafront November 26, 2010. The bronze statue was erected in honour of his achievements in boxing. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo


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hey,your article is wrong…Margarito is fighting last February in mexico,how could say margarito off 1 yr…what a joke…first you should know about boxing…we as a boxing fan we are not stupid

Posted by jamesmendoza | Report as abusive

pacman would love to fight marquez the third time. but unfortunately, marquez is demanding too much money which only shows he is using one of the many tactics in boxing to duck and avoid an opponent. why won’t marquez just ask the same amount of money like when he fought mayweather. remember marquez is not the pay per view star here but its the PACMAN!
below is what dan rafael wrote in his column in, pls. read:
“But the problem with Marquez is the number he wants is so damn high and he hasn’t moved off it, and that’s preventing the Marquez fight,” Arum said. “We know what he got when he fought [Floyd] Mayweather and we feel that asking for double what he got for the Mayweather fight after he lost to Mayweather is a little bit much. Maybe he doesn’t feel that way.”
Marquez was guaranteed $3.2 million to fight Mayweather. Arum said he also received an upside on the pay-per-view of $1 per home above 1 million buys. The fight did just north of a million buys “so his upside ended up being very small.”

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Pacqiao will be a heavy favorite to win whomever he fights next May. Between Mosley and Marquez, it will be Shane that will be more exciting to watch to the fans. Aside from being a black fighter, his style will make the bout more thrilling.

At 145 pounds, Marquez will be an easy target for Pacquiao. Remember the two fights with Pacquiao were in lightweight division. His fight with Mayweather had exposed him to be ineffective at welterweight because of the extra poundage. Of course Pacquiao will not go down fighting him at 135 pounds.

Posted by batang_gapo | Report as abusive

Arum is passing on the buck to have Pacquiao himself make the decision to fight 3 fighters. He already has Mosley in mind even before, because he thinks it is economically sound. Economically sound to who? To himself and Pacquiao. The fans are left behind. He does not care.
He is now 79 years old way past retirement age. His decisions are wreckless and imprudent. He no longer realize that the fans will be the one to pay for the fight. He does not realize that the fans put millions in their pockets and banks. He does not realize that this is not just business
but entertainment and excitement for the fans. Who would want to see a spent, left-over of Fraud Mayweather Jr, whose last 2 fights were dismal? Would it be more exciting and entertaining to watch the best P4P king challenged by a young, agressive, undefeated and WBC Champ whose last 2 fights were won by knockouts? Which one is more exciting and worth paying for? Mosley or Berto. Boxing is survival of the fittest? Who is fitter? Berto or Mosley?
Manny Pacquiao is so engrossed with the negative philosophy that it will earn him more money. Is this what we call greed? What happened to his reason for staying in the sport? To entertain the fans and make them happy is what he always reiterate. Is Manny Pacquiao becoming a two-faced and shrewd champion for Arum and Koncz? If he is really smart, he will fight the Champion Berto and not the old Mosley. He will be chastised and guess who gets the last laugh? It will be the Fraud himself. It will be a disgrace to all fans.

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mr writer what you think about this?

can marquez survive either of this guys lately pacquiao demolished?

vs. dela hoya, do marquez have achance?
vs. hatton, can he withstand?
vs. clottey? can he win even on points?
vs. cotto, can he survive?
vs. margarito, can he finished the bout?

i personally doubt even mayweather’s chances against these guys he hasn’t faced will be unsure. how much more of marquez’s.
i think marquez vs pacquiao is mismatch today, because pacquiao’s body has matured more. he is a growing boy, ithink. if they fight i think marquez will be obliterated and in life-risk situation. marquez chin is fragile, look what katsidis did to him… tsk tsk tsk.

Posted by azzkkr | Report as abusive

Pacman is awesome, can he beat marquez again? one things for sure, marquez has got more heart that politician pacman these days. Upset is a possibility.

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