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Yankees’ 2009 hopes could be blowing in the wind


yankees11Hopes were high among the New York Yankees’ fans after an off-season of big spending in the free-agent market, but a new stadium may mean those best-laid plans are gone with the wind.

Media and weather company AccuWeather said the heavy winds and angle of the seating in the new $1.5 billion baseball park that opened this season could be major factors for why Yankee Stadium is being called “Coors East” by one analyst. Coors Field is the home park of the Colorado Rockies, where the high altitude leads to high-scoring games.

One ESPN columnist called the new Yankee park a “veritable wind tunnel”.

The Yankees were crushed on Saturday by Cleveland 22-4, during which the Indians hit six home runs. AccuWeather said winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour out of the west may have played a role in that game, but the new layout of the park also could be a factor.