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“Luuuke” golf beginning to win over fans


Luke Donald’s complete dominance of Wentworth’s brutal West Course has led the world to sit up and take notice, while his chanting fans have also made their mark.

Not that people were not aware of Donald before, just that his latest victory and the fashion in which he won Europe´s PGA have raised his profile in his native England and made him the golfer to beat again.

“Luuuke” screamed the crowds during the hustle and bustle of a weekend at Wentworth. For good reason. Donald was showing the galleries, TV viewers and his fellow professionals how to play the game.

Methodical rhythm in mind, I took to the course then range on a hot summer’s Monday and tried to replicate it, much like over a month ago, when, inspired by Bubba Watson’s US Masters win, I thought it best to go and swipe at the ball paying little attention to technique. That didn’t work.

Has ‘Bubba golf’ got the legs for world domination?


Inspired by Bubba Watson’s brilliance, beautifully encapsulated in that wedge from the pine needles on Augusta’s feared 10th hole en route to winning the Masters on Sunday, I took to the range for a good old clout of the golf ball rather than worrying about a textbook swing.

Ugly noise. Ball darts off right. Left-handed kid receiving a lesson two bays away, who when asked who his favourite player was replies “Bubba Watson”, hits it better with the same club (7 iron).