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UPDATE:Warm yourselves up with our hot predictions league

MONDAY UPDATE: Well the cold weather only put pay to Wigan v Bolton in the end so I guess we'll have to count the points for that game whenever it's rescheduled (that will be a nightmare to remember and a challenge for my maths).

Below are the updated scores for the panel, who thanks purely to luck had a better weekend than usual despite there being one game less! Simon Evans guessed right that City boss Mark Hughes wouldn't last til Xmas Eve, but in reality the decision to sack him had been taken long before the game. Given the festive spirit, Simon can have the dubious bonus point.

Season's greetings to all, I reckon we'll have to skip the Boxing Day fixtures given panel members and contributors will be too full of brussel sprouts and brandy butter to file their predictions but we'll see.

Reuters Soccer blog panel: Patrick Johnston 172, Paul Radford 160, Mitch Phillips 154, Neil Maidment 136, Simon Evans 125, Mike Collett 126, Mark Meadows 126, Kevin Fylan 126, Julien Pretot 120, Miles Evans 107, Martyn Herman 95, Asia Sports Desk 93, Sonia Oxley 56, Justin Palmer 41
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I'm freezing at the top of a mountain watching skiing in northern Italy (where in fact the nativesĀ all speak German) andĀ I hear it's shivering cold in the UK and other parts of Europe too.

Time to consider warm weather territory for future World Series?


BASEBALL/Last weekend’s wintry conditions in the Bronx made ear flaps and balaclavas essential gear for some players and contributed to a reel of American League Championship Series fielding bloopers worthy of the old Keystone Kops.

Temperatures dipped into the low 40s and winds whipped a cold rain through Yankee Stadium, only a few degrees short of bringing a flurry of snowflakes.