A Final Four To Remember

April 2, 2010

NCAA/Despite concerns that the NCAA championship game will not feature an attention grabbing headline (Butler – West Virginia is not a ratings dream for CBS), this Final Four will be memorable, both on and off the court.

Surprising Sweet 16

March 25, 2010


It might sound cliché, but who doesn’t enjoy rooting for the underdog? Unless you have a connection to one of the schools still involved or your bracket still has a chance at winning, who doesn’t want to see Northern Iowa, Cornell, or St. Mary’s College push deeper into the tournament?

The stars of the NCAA Cinderella stories

March 24, 2010

NCAA/We approach the Sweet 16 having witnessed magical runs by teams like Northern Iowa and St. Mary’s so let’s take a quick look back at two defining players that helped them get here. Tomorrow we’ll review the teams that are left and the possibility of an all mid-tier Final Four.

NCAA Tourney Begins with Fireworks

March 18, 2010

NCAA/We didn’t have to wait long for the thrills and excitement of March Madness to capture the attention of college basketball fans everywhere.

March Madness and the Boss Button

March 12, 2009

jayhawksHere on Tobacco Road, Madness is about to break out.

Doctors, dentists and ordinary folks will reschedule appointments, telephone calls will go unanswered and party hosts will frantically consult newspapers and television stations to ensure Aunt Suzy’s birthday gathering does not come at the wrong moment.