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Market correction needed for rookie MLB contracts?

Stephen Strasburg has hit the lottery. He just isn’t sure how much he has won yet. His agent Scott Boras will handle those pesky details. And therein may lie one of the largest problems facing Major League Baseball, and by extension all rookie contracts for US sports.

In being selected as the number one draft pick in Major League Baseball’s annual draft, Strasburg will already be under pressure to not only excel, but dominate.

Chosen by a beleaguered Washington Nationals franchise desperate for an attendance boost, Strasburg represents the star-potential they crave, a front line pitcher with blistering speed (regularly in the high 90s and rising to 102 mph on the radar gun) as well as control rarely found in a man so young (he will turn 21 in July).

Strasburg has the potential to become a top, top player on the field. Now all he has to do is get there. Before putting on a Nationals jersey for the first time, agent Boras will do his best to squeeze every possible dollar from Washington’s front office.