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Time to rebuild for South Africa cricket


First Jacques Kallis retired. Then Graeme Smith called it quits. In between, South Africa lost a test series against Australia, their first at home since the 2008-09 season.

What stares the Proteas in the face now, however, is a far bigger challenge than just replacing two great cricketers.

The real test lies in rebuilding the team once again, with a new leadership and vision.

South African cricket is now known for what Smith achieved, and not for those World Cups where they ‘choked’. They deserve to be the No. 1 test side in the world but retaining that position now will be a different task all together.

DRS in cricket…to use or not to use?


By Sudipto Ganguly, India sports correspondent

The inconsistent use of the Decision Review System (DRS) has put the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the firing line once again, strengthening the already popular notion that the governing body is helpless against the wishes of its most influential member board – India.

As the rest of the cricketing world went up in unison in a huge appeal, like a stern umpire, India once again shook its head and refused to budge on the use of technology in the game.