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Tiger still the inspiration despite Yang’s major success



Yang Yong-eun’s shock win at the PGA Championship ended an embarrassing drought in major championships for the male of the species in staunchly patriarchal South Korea, where men are men and the women — well, the women play golf.

Since Pak Se-ri’s trailblazing triumphs at the US Women’s Open and LPGA Championship in 1998, South Korean women piled up nine more major titles. Before Yang’s victory on Sunday, Korean men had never come close, KJ Choi giving false hope at the 2004 Masters before finishing third.

But while Pak’s wins sparked a South Korean invasion of the LPGA Tour, don’t expect Yang’s success to open the floodgates to hordes of young Korean guns determined to redress the balance in the battle of the sexes.

Nor will it inspire a generation of young Asians to take up the game, despite what some say in the media.