Valuev-Chagaev is a rematch we could have lived without

May 28, 2009


Roll-up, roll-up to see a seven foot Russian bruiser, the heaviest boxing champion of all time, fight an Uzbekistan man a foot shorter and nearly 100lbs lighter in the boxing Mecca of Helsinki. Who says boxing’s blue-ribband event is losing credibility?

Time for Chad Dawson to take a heavyweight decision

May 11, 2009

BOXINGSome time over the next couple of days you can expect to see more quotes doing the rounds from retired light-heavyweight supremo Joe Calzaghe declaring that his retirement is not about to be reversed. That being the case, is there any reason for the light-heavyweight division not just to close?

Pacquiao’s power proves far too much for Hatton

May 3, 2009


After his devastating second-round knockout victory over Ricky Hatton it appears there are no limits to Filipino Manny Pacquiao’s ability… It’s just a shame he can’t continue his jolly stroll through the weight classes and breathe some life into the heavyweight division.