Interviewing Lewis Hamilton

May 15, 2009

Lewis Hamilton is resigned to the fact that his formula 1 world title defence could last only a handful more races and the McLaren driver has anointed fellow-Briton Jenson Button as his heir apparent.

Button-Hamilton turnaround exposes sham of F1 driving talent

May 11, 2009

Here Mitch Phillips gives one view of the current state of Formula One while below Alan Baldwin has a different take on the argument.

The focus is on Hamilton now

April 29, 2009

McLaren’s suspended suspension (also known as a slap on the wrists) for lying to stewards allows Lewis Hamilton to get on with what he does best and that is fighting for the championship.

Have McLaren been punished enough already?

April 28, 2009

hamiltonMcLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh celebrates his 51st birthday on Wednesday and it doesn’t look like being much fun.

Trouble in Woking for McLaren

April 17, 2009

When Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One title last November, it seemed like he and McLaren had unlocked the door to a new era of success.

Listen to Lewis

April 2, 2009


Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has been stripped of third place from last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix in yet another controversy to hit the sport only days after the season-opener.

Hamilton stripped of Australian GP podium, what next?

April 2, 2009

I’m losing track of all the twists and turns of the Formula One season – and we’ve only had one race.

Sports picture of the week

March 30, 2009


Greg Bos, Reuters Sports Pictures Editor, chooses an outstanding picture from last week:

New F1 rules risk two-tier championship

March 18, 2009

Formula One teams conducted a global audience survey over the European winter whose salient finding was that ‘F1 isn’t broken, so beware over-fixing it’.
They suggested nevertheless that the scoring system should be tweaked to increase the reward for winning races by offering 12 points for a victory instead of 10.
The governing FIA has ignored their proposal and decreed instead that this year’s title should be settled by race wins with points serving only as a tie-break and to decide the placings from second onwards as well as the constructors’ championship.
That may sound neat enough but it jettisons some of the sport’s more cherished principles such as the idea that the championship should also reward mechanical reliability, consistency and teamwork over the course of a season.
 In the past, if you had a car that expired in a haze of smoke more often than it won races then the chances were that the championship would be going elsewhere.