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from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Lay down the run! And update your Olympic lingo

OLYMPICS-SNOWBOARDING/In the skiing and snowboarding events at the Olympic Games these days, we have many a super athlete giving us mere mortals lessons in linguistics.  It's actually sick, in modern terms that is.

Sick ("crazy, cool, insane") was snowboarder Shaun White's killer second run through the half-pipe, a near perfect, thriller of a ride, even after he had already clinched the gold medal. Dude's on fire.

Lindsey Vonn showed us how to "lay down a run" with her daring downhill burst that brought her a gold medal.  It appears that "throw it down" and "put it down" can also be used when talking about runs and races.

And then there are the broadcast commentators of a certain age who can be heard talking on their nice mainstream media about "ripping" snow conditions and "stoked" snowboarders. Granted these words are not new to the modern lexicon, but they may be to these people.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Vancouver podcast – day six


We're back, and now with new added Australian. Join me, Julian, Mary Milliken and Miles Evans for our chat about the Worst/Best Games Ever, Lindsey Vonn and, inevitably, the great Aussie contribution to the Winter Olympics.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Oh no Canada! But don’t be so quick to write off these Olympics

OLYMPICS-ALPINE SKIING/The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been beset by tragedy and trials, from the death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, through the Goldilocks weather up at Whistler and Cypress -- too much snow or too little snow, it's never just right -- to a biathlon scoring fiasco described as "the blackest day ever".

Then there was the opening ceremony fail with the missing fourth ice pillar, the PR disaster of moving ugly chain fencing in front of the outdoor cauldron so no one could take a decent picture, the thousands of ripped up tickets and having to call on Calgary to the rescue after the ice machines broke down.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Lindsey takes first gold — the Vonn-couver Olympics begin


Lindsey Vonn shrugged off the most famous shin-jury in sport to produce a fantastic victory in the women's downhill Alpine skiing at the Winter Games on Wednesday, marking the start of what may well be the Vonn-couver Olympics.

Vonn, the hugely popular American and one of the most famous faces at these Games, blew away her nearest rivals, which is astonishing given that she arrived worried that her bruised shin might be so bad that it would stop her competing altogether. If she is so dominant when having to ski through gritted teeth, how* good would she look here fully fit?

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Lindsey gets down with her digital Vonn-tourage

FILM-BUZZ/Lindsey Vonn has re-connected with her huge online following -- which I, for one, am determined to call her Digital Vonn-tourage -- and put a brief dalliance with old media behind her.

Vonn, the 25-year-old Alpine skiing world champion and Face of the Games, turned to a major U.S. TV network and a traditional IOC press conference to break the news on Wednesday that she had a badly bruised shin that might keep her out of the Olympics.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Snow patrol: it’ll be all white on the night


It is snowing in Cypress, foggy in Whistler and raining in Vancouver, so I guess we don't have to put inverted commas round the "Winter" bit of the Olympics any more.

Snow in Cypress. That sounds a bit odd when you say it out loud and it's not something you you see every day here in Vancouver. In fact, it's not something any of us has seen since the world descended on the city for the Games.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Vonn injury could keep her out of the Games


The Vonncouver Olympics may just be over before the Games have even begun.

Lindsey Vonn can't confirm whether she'll be able to compete at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver starting in a couple of days after the unlucky American revealed she is suffering from a shin injury that left her in "excruciating" pain.

Vonn, the 25-year-old multi-medal hope for the Untied States, appeared before a news conference in Vancouver today to tell the media the bad news.

from Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010:

Flying Tomato squashes Vonn-couver in earnings stakes

OLYMPICS/SNOWBOARDINGStep forward the top earning athlete at these Winter Olympics... Not so fast, Lindsey Vonn!

According to Forbes, the two athletes in a high-rolling class of their own are Shaun White -- the Flying Tomato himself -- and South Korea's Kim Yu-na, the insanely popular 19-year-old figure skater.

Can anyone beat Lindsey Vonn at the Olympics?


I’ve enjoyed my weekend in the Italian mountains covering the women’s World Cup skiing. Chic Cortina d’Ampezzo is a beautiful place and the weather has been mild (even if I’ve still been slipping and sliding on the icy pavements).

But the best bit is that I was able to pre-prepare parts of my stories before the races began, such was everybody’s confidence that America’s Lindsey Vonn would win the Super-G and downhill.

Alpine skiing takes on those pesky newcomers


skiingArguably the most popular winter sport, alpine skiing has been threatened in recent years by hipper, younger disciplines like snowboarding, moguls, half-pipe or ski-cross, which have all made it into the Olympic programme.

With that in mind, the world championships in Val d’Isere may have given new ideas to the alpine ski chiefs to boost and rejuvenate their sport.