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If Torres goes, Liverpool should heed Spanish lessons

SOCCER-SPAIN/If the excited reports on the 24-hour channels are correct, Fernando Torres may soon arrive at Chelsea's training ground to seal a move that will leave Liverpool in a dangerous situation -- under pressure to sign high-profile reinforcements and with wodges of money to spend as the deadline fast approaches.

Kenny Dalglish accepted on Monday that transfers are part of football and the internet chatter suggests many fans have reached the conclusion that Torres may have reached the end of the Anfield road.

There are indeed plenty of reasons why Liverpool may reflect that the time has come to sell Torres, 50 million of them you might say, but if they do agree to part with the Spain striker they should consider a bit of Spanish history before going out to spend their new found riches too quickly.

Losing an iconic player can be traumatic and perhaps the worst case of how to compensate came from Barcelona back in 2000.

from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Liverpool sign Suarez but will he play with Torres?

SOCCER-CHAMPIONS/UPDATE: Liverpool have confirmed that Torres put in a written transfer request on Friday night. The club have rejected it. Read the statement here.

Liverpool and Ajax have just announced that Luis Suarez is joining the Premier League club in a deal worth up to 26.5 million euros.