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Taekwondo lessons from a future champion


One of the nice things about having this blog is that it gives us the chance to write about sports that don’t get as much attention as football and the like, and to look beyond the elite level.

With that in mind, I went to Luton with Vlog on the Pitch presenter Owen Wyatt to meet Abdul-Akbur Ali, an eight-year old taekwondo champion and a nominee for the British Asian Sports Awards, which will be presented in London on Saturday.

We had great fun with Abdul-Akbur, who lists Naseem Hamed and Valentino Rossi among his heroes, already has a first degree black belt and takes an infectious delight in his sport.

Click on the video above to see Abdul-Akbur demonstrate his favourite “pattern” and give our intrepid reporter a quick lesson in how it’s done … watch out for that right foot, Owen!