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Packers dilemma: To rest or not to rest?


You’re Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, it’s the final game of the regular season against the Detroit Lions, and you’ve got a dilemma: play your strongest team, a winning combination, or rest your stars fearing serious injuries to any of them.

What do you do? McCarthy said on Monday he wants veteran left tackle Chad Clifton to play the game, he wants Clifton’s experience for the playoffs so naturally he needs a run out against the Lions. Easy.

But what about MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers?

“There is something to be said about trying to finish the season well though…and it would be nice to finish out the season, the way we started with a strong showing in a home game,” said the quarterback. Easy then..or not so.

Injury to Rodgers could spell disaster, but you get the sense he wants to play instead of understudy Matt Flynn no matter what the situation.