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F1 is not all glamour


MOTOR-RACING-PRIX/Who said Formula One was all glamour, parties and champagne?

Mark Webber provided a different insight on Wednesday as he sat in the Red Bull hospitality unit — the usual description of motorhome hardly applies to a floating palace moored to the Monaco harbourside — and described how his evening had panned out after winning the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona last weekend.

The Aussie hero had just taken the third win of his career, dominating the race from pole and beating the rest of the field into submission. So how did he celebrate? A night on the town perhaps? Not a bit of it.

After 66 laps, and 307km, of pounding around the Circuit de Catalunya, he got back in his loan car — a Renault, nothing fancy — and drove another 600km to Monaco.

“I drove here on Sunday night,” he said. “I’m not the most patient guy in the world when it comes to moving around. So I got in the car at seven o’clock. It was a bit of a late night on Sunday night.