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from Shop Talk:

NHL teams put freeze on ticket prices

caps1National Hockey League teams put the freeze on ticket prices this season.

The average price for general tickets in the NHL ticked up just 0.1 percent to $51.41, according to Team Marketing Report (TMR), a sports marketing firm that tracks ticket costs in the major North American sports leagues. After adjusting Canadian prices to current exchange rates, the average cost of a ticket rose by just 5 cents.  

In the previous three years, the average NHL ticket cost rose 5.1 percent (2008-2009), 7.7 percent (2007-2008) and 3.7 percent (2006-2007), TMR said.

Fourteen teams kept prices unchanged from last year and six saw their averages decline, according to TMR.

Meanwhile, the average Fan Cost Index (FCI) -- the cost of a family of four to attend a game -- rose 1.7 percent to $301, TMR said. The FCI includes the cost of four tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking, two game programs and two caps.

from DealZone:

SPACs poised for comeback via hockey? Not quite

floridapanthers1A blank check company is set acquire the National Hockey League's Florida Panthers for $240 million, a source has told Reuters, potentially making Sports Properties Acquisition Corp one of the rare companies in the past year to get investor buy-in for a proposed acquisition.

Blank check companies, or special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) as they are more formally known, raise money in an IPO and then buy a company, making it a public entity. Investors are essentially betting on the talents of a management team without knowing in which company they are ultimately invest.